Which dApps are using Axelar? Axelar Ecosystem dApps

Hundreds of protocols and applications are building the future of Web3 with Axelar. In doing so, Axelar is powering applications and builders at the forefront of the interchain future.

Axelar Ecosystem dApps

Project Description Category Status
Squid Squid is building the first liquidity overlay for Axelar. DeFi Live
PRIME Unlock the value of all your DeFi positions in one place. DeFi Live
PocketWorlds Bringing people together through play. Our intricate, rich worlds are social by design and built to last for decades. Gaming Live
OMNISEA NFT creator studio. No-code. Limitless. Omnichain mint. Automated IPFS. 0% fee. NFT Live
MintDAO The first omnichain NFTs with utilities and rewarding strategies. DeFi Live
Kado Fiat to crypto onramp. Payments Live
Jaypigs Crosschain DeFi-on-NFTs. Jaypigs is a crosschain NFT Renting & Borrowing protocol. DeFi Live
Infura We strive to deliver the best infrastructure and tools for developers to build amazing Web3 applications. Infrastructure Live
Diffusion Powering liquidity for the Cosmos EVM. DeFi Live
Biconomy Making Web3 frictionless & mainstream! Simplifying 100+ dApp partners via powerful APIs. DeFi Live
AxelarSea World first cross-chain NFT bridge and marketplace. NFT Live
Astroport An intergalactic AMM/DEX where adventurers can dock, swap and provide liquidity. Powered by the Terra blockchain. DeFi Live
C14 Seamless fiat to crypto flow for any project. Payments Live
CALC A powerful decentralized suite of financial tools that gives you access to set-and-forget investment strategies. DeFi Live
EasyBridge Bridge for the cosmos ecosystem. DeFi Live
Monoceros World’s first non-custodial CeDeFi aggregator. The terminal aggregates a variety of CeFi and DeFi products. DeFi Live

For a full list of live and planned ecosystem dApps, please see Axelar Ecosystem.