Where Can I Check Axelar’s Protocol Revenue / Generated Fees?

For statistical data about Axelar, please see axelarscan.io.

Axelar’s revenue is generated via fees for asset transfers and GMP (General Message Passing) calls. The Axelar network charges a relayer gas fee for all cross-chain token transfers in order to pay for network-level transaction (“gas”) fees across chains. The relayer gas fee amount depends only on:

:round_pushpin: The asset
:round_pushpin: The source chain
:round_pushpin: The destination chain
:round_pushpin: The relayer gas fee does NOT take a percentage from the transfer amount.

For a higher level explainer post on gas fees, you can check this article as well: Cross Chain Gas Costs on Satellite Explained.

:one: The gas fee a user pays on a source chain (say, Ethereum) for sending a transaction using the deposit address on Axelar.
:two: The gas fee it takes to “process the deposit” address and route the funds to the Axelar Gateway contract.
:three: The relay fee to the Axelar network + the relay fee to the Osmosis network (often subsidized by projects who incentivize operators to do relaying).

Further references:
You can check bridge fee here Mainnet | Axelar Network

You could also check it from here Search - GMP | Axelarscan