What is the Axelar Virtual Machine?

The Axelar Virtual Machine is a programmable interoperability layer that automates complex multi-chain deployment and management. The Axelar VM helps developers to span the whole of Web3, as if they were building on a single chain. It is powered by Cosmwasm and turns interoperability into a programmable layer. With the help of the Axelar Virtual Machine, developers can write smart contracts on Axelar, while scaling their interchain deployments and “programming” the cross-chain networking layer.

It consists of the following tools (more will be added):

  • Interchain Amplifier: A simple, permissionless way to connect a new chain with the Axelar network and all of its interconnected chains.

  • Interchain Maestro: A solution that enables developers to orchestrate multi-chain deployments for a dApp – comparable to Kubernetes for Web3.

You can learn more about the Axelar Virtual Machine here: Axelar Virtual Machine Future of Interoperability.

Information about the $5 million developer grant program and the devnet signup form can be found here: Linktr.ee.