What is Axelar's security approach?

Here’s something the core team put together for projects building with Axelar: a super-brief description of Axelar’s approach to interchain security. Hope it is helpful!

Axelar security, in brief

Axelar delivers the most secure and decentralized cross-chain communication available today. In Byzantine systems, decentralization is the proven best approach to security. Axelar is the most decentralized interchain protocol, with a dynamic validator set (delegated proof-of-stake) connecting diverse consensus mechanisms with arbitrary payloads.

The Axelar approach to cross-chain security includes the following core elements:

  • Decentralized security through a growing, permissionless set of 70 active validators. Based on delegated proof-of-stake consensus through the Cosmos SDK, similar to other major blockchains.
  • Validator security policies, such as mandatory key rotations.
  • Network functions that enable mitigation or suspension of traffic from connected chains in the event they become malicious or compromised.
  • Contract rate limits that specify how much can be transferred over a time period.
  • Further decentralization through quadratic voting.
  • Rigorous audits [20+] & bug bounties.

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