What are use cases of Axelar's General Message Passing?

With secure cross-chain communication across all ecosystems, developers can:

  • Create platforms that host NFTs from multiple chains, enabling users from one chain to buy NFTs minted on another chain without having to move assets from one chain to another.
  • Allow NFT holders to collateralize their NFTs, using them in borrow-lend apps on any chain.
  • Index derivatives from one chain to another using dApps.
  • Allow users to pool liquidity in multiple assets, on multiple chains, via a single aggregator on a single chain.

Already, 18 teams are building applications using General Message Passing and other Axelar functions, as part of Axelar’s cross-chain grant program. As General Message Passing functionality takes hold, the “Super App” that changes the Web3 paradigm might not be far behind.

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What is General Message Passing?
Docs: docs.axelar.dev/dev/gmp-overview
Example dApps: github.com/axelarnetwork/axelar-local-gmp-examples

well what ever you do don’t still my thunder bc i have been working on a white paper for almost a year that i am going to copyright and patent that involves generating a certain type of Nft from all blockchains in to one place. Its gunna take a lot of work and the processes will be flying through those validators so they better keep on popping up we are gunna need em! So I wouldn’t raise the node buy in to high to fast or we will be screwed. I really wish I would have met you guys sooner! I have had this in my head from about my 3rd month into nft gaming and ecosystems. And thanks to you guys I know exactly how to make it happen!