Temperature Check : Highlighting the Axelar robot NFT

Project Name : Highlighting the Axelar robot NFT

Description : Propose the Axelar NFT robot as an eligibility criterion for airdrops and giveaways from the Axelar ecosystem and beyond.

Contact Name : @scoolio22

Discord Username : @scoolio22

Grant Amount : 0 $AXL

Project Description

The community support nature of this proposal does not require any funding. The aim is to gain the approval of the community through this vote and allow the Axelar team to legitimize this criterion in the event of requests for projects from the ecosystem and beyond, as part of airdrops or other giveaways.

In August 2022, Axelar announced a new member of the team to help power the cross-chain future of Web3: The Axelar Robot. The robot represents the advanced technology that Axelar network are building to enable true interoperability between blockchains and personifies our values of curiosity, excellence and ownership. In celebration of this new brand mascot, a cross-chain Robot NFT collection has been launched in partnership with MintDAO.

This collection had an initial supply of 2000 NFTs but only 1555 were minted. Holders have since been able to participate in various network events, such as the cross chain hunt festival, the official Axelar network airdrop and a multi-month staking program.

NFTs constitute an important component of the crypto ecosystem, a way to unite and reward a community of enthusiasts and early supporters of crypto projects. A recent trend is being seen around NFTs and their importance to the culture of the crypto community, this has resulted in the integration of NFT collections like Bad Kids; Pudgy penguins; Mad Lads and Tensorians in genesis airdrops of projects like Namada and Dymension.

As members of the Axelar community, Axelar Robot NFT holders wish to submit to a vote by the entire community, consideration of the importance of this collection in interchain culture. As a result, Axelar robot NFT holders could be included as an eligibility criterion in airdrops of the Axelar ecosystem as well as any other ecosystem that recognizes the importance of an interchain future. The first ever natively Cross Chain NFT collection deserves a pride of place in the culture of the entire crypto ecosystem.

Vote “YES” so that we can propel the Axelar network and recognize its community as a precursor of interoperability.


By your “YES” vote, you are helping to bring visibility to the Axelar network and to educate the entire ecosystem on the benefits of interoperability through the Robot NFT community.

Dear validators, make the Axelar NFT robot your partner to popularize all the power of the network of which you are one of the major players. Integrating new chains is an important parameter linked to your incentive and network security. The Axelar robot NFT is also your ally in this quest and Some of you have shown a real interest in this collection and have noticed since its launch its interest in the development of the Axelar network. Having a real Interchain culture is crucial in terms of communication and with your vote you can make this possible.

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs

  • Participation of holders in the cross chain hunt festival with use of General Message Passing (GMP).

  • The Axelar robot NFTs have been transferred to all of their 6 native blockchains

  • Around 755 NFTs participated in the staking program funded by the Axelar Foundation

  • Holders participated in social tasks.

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline

By your “YES” vote you will be able to allow the Axelar team if and only if it is requested by partners (airdrops and giveaways) to inform that this community vote recognizes the holders of the Axelar robot NFT collection (official collection of the Axelar network) as one of the eligibility criteria.

No canvassing will be necessary on the part of the Axelar team, but the team will be able, in the event of victory of the “Yes” vote, to communicate with the entire ecosystem of this approach which comes from the community.

holders can, individually or collectively, be ambassadors of Axelar technology with the result of this decentralized vote as a logbook. All new blockchains, Defi protocols, aware of the need for a future interchain should be sensitive to this cardinal value that is decentralization and recognize the symbolic significance of this vote.


Putting it to a community vote makes this eligibility criterion acceptable and removes any risk of conflict of interest. Decentralization is one of the pillars of the ecosystem and all of your votes are important.


Axelar Network is recognized as a major player in blockchain interoperability, and an ever-increasing number of top players recognize its importance. Including the community in this dynamic of expansion is also of great importance because we all know that the community matters.

The Axelar robot NFT will thus be able to play its role and propagate the vision of a future interchain. This decentralized vote should legitimize this collection throughout the crypto ecosystem. Thus, any project launching into crypto and which shares this value of decentralization should integrate this collection into their various reward programs, this would also be a way to recognize and share the vision of Axelar Network in its role as a pioneer of true interoperability.

This onchain vote is a first in the blockchain ecosystem and gives the entire ecosystem the opportunity to contribute to what promises to be an essential narrative: Interoperability.

Bio & Past Work


As a robot holder I love this, they should be highlighted for sure!


It’s a great proposal, it will increase community loyalty and engagement. It will also generate renewed interest, especially with the addition of robots


Yes! please! :yum: this could be epic for holders


Definitely YES! We need to promote Robot NFTs since they have too much potential to begin with. We just need to find new ways to utilize these gems!


Validatrium supports highlight of Robot NFTs


This proposal must be approved for sure. lets begin the hype around AXELAR ROBOT NFTs please.
they are sleeping for a long time now we must awake the power of those ROBOTS!


Yes , I like that idea.

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Looks like a case of “I have one => YES” “I don’t => NO” :smiley:

Not necessarily, it would be one eligibility criterion among many others. The reality is that as it stands there is no rule to define which eligibility criterion to consider if an ecosystem project wishes to set up an airdrop for the Axelar community. The idea of this proposal is to remember that decentralized voting matter