Sponsorship of Incrypted event at Kyiv Ethereum Week

This post describes a request for 3000 Usdt (or 3000 Axelar at the current exchange rate) to sign a sponsorship agreement with Incrypted Conference 2024, which will be held during Kyiv Ethereum Week.

KYIV, Ukraine 23 June

Incrypted Conference 2024, the premier event within Ukrainian Blockchain Week 2024 set on June 23, 2024. Founders and executives from leading Web3 companies will converge to share their perspectives, steering the trajectory of Web3 technologies in Ukraine.

Here we have more info

There are many options available under sponsorship and we choose the cheapest, and good enough - the Silver partnership.

Event info - Incrypted Conference 2024 intro.pdf - Google Drive

Partnership deck - Incrypted Conference 2024 Partners Deck.pdf - Google Drive

Please vote as soon as possible and help approve the partnership as soon as possible.
The expected metrics are more than 1,500 participants and we will recieve

% Logo branding wall (entrance, 1st floor
% 3D photozone logo·
% Website logo
% General newsletter announcement
% General PR announcement
% General Telegram, Twitter, Instgram, LinkedIn, and YouTube announcement, Summary sponsors post on socials