Set up, deploy and run a "Hello World" example dApp with Axelar

For full instructions on how to set up, deploy and run a “Hello World” example dApp, please see “Hello World” example dApp.

Overview of the full transaction flow

  1. Starting local developer environment to run local EVM blockchains.
  2. First node script deploys this smart contract to all the EVM chains in our local developer environment.
  3. second node script runs this test script on local Moonbeam, which:
  • Calculates the estimated gas cost of executing the method on Avalanche.
  • Invokes setRemoteValue on the deployed Moonbeam smart contract. This method first pays the gas receiver on Moonbeam the estimated gas cost, then calls callContractWithToken on the Moonbeam Gateway contract.
  1. After some time, the relay services detect the gas paid on Moonbeam and executes the smart contract on Avalanche, invoking the _execute method that updated the value to the message parameter.

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