Robot NFT holders joining instructions

How to Connect your Axelar Robot NFT with your Axelar Discord Account

The instructions below will show you how to link your Axelar Robot NFT Collection to your Axelar Discord account. Please keep in mind that in order to do so, you must first connect your eligible wallet and confirm that you own at least one Axelar Robot NFT. Below are the supported networks:

Ethereum | Avalanche | Binance Smart Chain | Polygon | Moonbeam | Fantom

:warning: If you hold your NFT on the Fantom network, please note that you will first need to bridge it over to any other supported network in order to connect your account. You can do that at:

How to Connect Axelar Robot to Axelar’s Discord Account?

:one: Go to Axelar Network Discord

You can join the server here → Axelar Network

:two: Navigate to #robotnft-access channel to begin the process

Once you click on the [Let’s go!] button, a unique link will be generated for you. Select [Connect Wallet], and a new browser window will open.

:three: Select your wallet and verify your assets

Always verify that the website address you’re using is and connect your wallet with the Axelar Robot NFT.


:four: Return to Discord for your role status

If the verification is successful, you will be notified that you have been granted the NFT Hodler role.

Congratulations! :white_check_mark:
You have successfully connected your Axelar NFT Robot to your Axelar Discord account.

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