Reliable and scalable public RPC - powered by Lava

Project Description

Lava is a modular network that offers fast, reliable and decentralized RPC for Axelar. Our Incentivized Public RPC (ipRPC) endpoint has become the go-to RPC on Axelar, providing:

  1. Users & devs with free performant access to data
  2. Node runners with the ability to earn AXL tokens in exchange for quality RPC
  3. Axelar itself with the ability to monitor, manage, and save on infra costs

Through Lava’s aggregated ipRPC endpoint, user requests are routed to the top performing providers in their geolocation, and data is quality-controlled by Lava Protocol - meaning developers can easily integrate Axelar in their stack, and users get improved UX.

In the past 6 months Lava:

  • Served over 7B+ RPC requests served across Axelar Mainnet and Testnet
  • Distributed over 31000 AXL tokens to top quality Axelar node operators
  • Added support for Archive data and CosmWasm APIs
  • Significantly improved performance with enhanced caching features

We’re excited to extend our partnership for another 6 months, with 75,000$ in AXL committed to maintaining & improving our high standard of service, while supporting increasing demand.

Grant Amount: 75,000$ in AXL for 6 months. 75% will be used to incentivize RPC providers to offer the best service. 25% will be used to cover Lava’s costs for maintenance, compliance, support, marketing, and project management.

Contact Name: Yuval
Discord Username: yuvalxyz
TG handle: @yuval_xyz


Infra & Ecosystem Growth
RPC is critical for Axelar, which stands at the center of The Interoperability Layer - constantly sending messages between dozens of blockchains and rollups, facilitating tokens transfers worth 100s of millions of dollars every month.

Axelar is on a exciting growth trajectory :rocket:
With Interchain Tokens trending, the new tokenomics, and especially the upcoming release of Axelar VM, we’re preparing for a major increase in developer engagement and user adoption.

This is why Axelar needs a super reliable, scalable, and performant RPC, that will allow developers to easily integrate Axelar in their stack, and users to get the best UX possible.

Mainnet Launch Partner
With Lava’s mainnet right around the corner, we’re looking forward to having Axelar as an official launch partner! This means we’ll spotlight Axelar as one of first chains that are deployed on Lava Mainnet, with a siginificant, long-term marketing campaign.

Magma Points
Earlier this year we launched Magma - a gamified experience that allows anyone to engage with Lava prior to Mainnet. Users get a customized Axelar RPC link to add to their wallet, which allows them to earn Magma points for being active on-chain.

Axelar is one of the select chains that we included in the initiative, which gained wide social awareness over the last 2 months, with 3M unique wallet signups and over 16B billions of RPC requests served.

We plan to keep the momentum around Magma <> Axelar going with more exciting announcements to come!

Community Testimonials:

Crypto Sailors, community mods:
"After Lava deployed their public RPC, we were pleasantly surprised by the immediate improvement in performance. It significantly reduced loading times and made on-chain actions much smoother.”

Imperator, validator & contributor:
“Lava ipRPC is a game-changer. Developers are equipped with reliable public access to the blockchain, and node runners are rewarded according to the quality of their service, ensuring fast and accurate RPC relays. Imperator is proud & excited to support ipRPC.”

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs


  1. We plan to keep onboarding new apps, wallets, users and developers to our service to access Axelar, that can be measured by increasing traffic.
  2. We plan to keep improving our offering by deploying upgrades and new features, and onboarding new top providers.
  3. User & developer satisfaction


  1. Number of RPC calls per day/month
  2. Latency, uptime and sync benchmarks
  3. Community feedback, testimonials

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline

  1. The endpoint is live since November last year, hence the service will continue as usual.
  2. Upgrades and new features - we’re already working on adding WSS Subscriptions and improving the latency for users in the APAC region, which should be completed in 3-4 weeks. We’re open to additional feedback & feature requests from the community, and are happy to set timelines according to demand.
  3. Mainnet launch partner - H1 2024

Bio & Past Work

Lava is becoming the default RPC network for many blockchains and rollups in The Interchain and beyond - including Axelar, Evmos, NEAR. Stargaze, Union and more TBA!

A great initiative!!

Having a decentralized RPC network is a fantastic tool to have on any network and in particular on Axelar, especially as the Axelar AVM is being released.

We would like to support this project and the Lava team who are doing a great job by offering a quick grant of $5,000 in Axelar tokens to bolster the rewards for node operators.

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Lava is a great project. I tested them on testnet and would like to say, that evrything is working smooth.

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We’re big believers in Lava’s mission to provide decentralized access to blockchain data. We support this initiative!

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Improving end user and developer access to Axelar is vital as Axelar continues to grow. Therefore we (LunaNova) welcome this proposal to improve RPC availability and performance via a decentralised solution. It would be great to see regular metrics and a comparison with other methods of providing RPCs. We wish the Lava team well in securing and implementing this.

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Hey Mike, thanks for sharing this feedback! One of our main goals with the initiative is to create better clarity around the state of RPCs in the ecosystem. As part of that we’re planning to launch a new public dashboard that will show useful info about the status on the endpoint