Quantum Community Program AMA

Axelar recently hosted the first AMA on our Discord Stage channel, so a big thank you to everyone who tuned in live :raised_hands:


:pushpin: For anyone looking for a recap, here’s what we covered in the call:

  • The Quantum Community Program is a non-technical call for submissions to expand Axelar’s resource and knowledge base and reach.

Some ideas for submissions are, but not limited to:

  • explainer/walkthrough/infographic/whiteboard videos
  • graphics
  • translations
  • guides
  • blog posts

If you’ve already contributed to Axelar, for example moderating a community Telegram group, creating documentation, submitting translations, etc. you can still submit your work!


Phase 1 is an open call for submissions and is your chance to get creative!

  • The top 300 submissions from phase 1 will be selected to move onto phase 2 of the program which will run from Jan 18 until Feb 1,

  • The top 150 submissions from phase 2 will then move onto phase 3 which will run from Feb 2 - 16,

  • And finally, the top 50 submissions from phase 3 will be chosen to move onto Phase 4 which will run from Feb 17 to Mar 3.

Phases 2, 3 & 4 will be incentivized with an allocation of up to 100,000 tokens per phase, divided between the accepted participants.


  • Axelar is looking for high quality, original submissions. One really high quality submission will score higher than multiple ones where content has just been run through Google translate for example. Plagiarism, spamming, and speculation will not be accepted and may result in a ban from the program. This program is centred around content creation and not promotion of any kind.

  • Once you’ve assembled all of your links, docs, etc, all eligible participants are invited to fill in the Quantum Community Program Submission Form

Please only Submit one form when you’re ready. Submitting multiple forms it makes it very difficult for us to keep track of them! We need to manually group the submissions together and hope that we didn’t miss any.

:exclamation: :exclamation:To clarify for what should be posted on the forum vs the submission form vs in this channel:

  • All links/documents/resources/files/etc. that you would like considered for the community program need to be submitted to this form
    :exclamation: Only submit this form when you are finished and ready to send. Please include all of your links in one form, there’s no need to submit multiple forms, as on our end it is difficult to keep track of them and it may hurt your submission.

  • We’ve been receiving a lot of translations as well as non-English content, so to keep track of what’s been translated and created already so that there’s not too many double submissions (as well as to build up a great localized hub of resources in your native language!) please upload your docs to our community forum under the appropriate topic.

  • If you don’t see your language already, feel free to start a topic! And link your community run Telegram/Reddit/etc. group in the topics as well so we can add it to the Community Directory.

  • Lastly, you’re more than welcome to share your work in the Discord channel! It’s always exciting to see what the community is creating, but keep in mind that posting the link there doesn’t count as a submission, only those submitted through the official form linked above will be evaluated and considered.


:question: Can I submit as a group?

  • If a group has created an application/content/etc. Then there is only one person who will be eligible to submit, and it would be them who has to KYC, etc. therefore only they will be eligible for potential future reward.

:question: How will you judge non-english submissions?

  • We have already begun interviewing contractors who wish to help evaluate non-english content. If you’re interested and do not plan on submitting to the program please contact a team member. Keep in mind you aren’t eligible to evaluate your own, your friends or your colleagues submissions.

:question: Phase 2 starts right after phase 1, how will you evaluate them in time?

  • We’re evaluating submissions as they come in! That’s why we ask that once you’re done and happy with your submissions, you only submit one form that includes all the links you wish to submit and why multiple submissions will potentially hurt your chances as we will have to try and manually keep track of all them and amalgamate them ourselves.

Lastly, please keep in mind that this is a community and resource building program and not a bounty program! We don’t view community as transactional, and that means that we’re looking to build a group of excited and dedicated members with a long term interest in the network, to build out a really vibrant community of people who share Axelar’s vision.

All successful submissions from Phases2,3&4 will be hosted on the Axelar Academy, a community run knowledge hub and educational resource base for Axelar.

Helpful links:

Quantum Community Program Announcement post

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Branding Assets

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