Proposal to Revamp and Improve Axelar Network Documentation

Proposal to Revamp and Improve Axelar Network Documentation

Who We Are

At Hooman Digital, we are a dynamic team of versatile professionals with expertise across various digital domains. Our commitment is to deliver authentic and user-friendly solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Our diverse team includes designers, developers, writers, marketers, and community builders, all working in unison to create seamless digital experiences.

A testament to our capabilities is our successful collaboration with Akash Network, where we designed, developed and currently maintain their 100% open-source website, highlighting our dedication to transparency and community-driven development. Additionally, we have built a cutting-edge platform for ArbitrumDAO (currently in progress), aimed at being a universal hub to enhance information access within the Arbitrum ecosystem.


We propose a comprehensive revamp and improvement of the Axelar Network documentation with cutting-edge features and enhancements. Our proposal will address the current documentation’s issues, ranging from UI/UX improvements to better search functionality, proper guidelines for community contributions, high responsiveness, and improved text and infographics wherever applicable.

Proposed Tasks

Our tasks are divided into four primary workflows:

  1. UI and UX Design Improvements with Proper Responsiveness

    • Redesign the user interface: Create a visually appealing and intuitive interface that aligns with Axelar’s brand identity.
    • Enhance responsiveness: Ensure the documentation site is fully responsive and provides an optimal user experience across all devices and screen sizes.
    • Improve navigation: Simplify and streamline the navigation structure to help users find information quickly and easily.
  2. Quality Code with Proper Community Guidelines

    • Develop high-quality, maintainable code: Follow best practices in coding standards to ensure the documentation is robust, scalable, and easy to maintain.
    • Create comprehensive community guidelines: Provide clear, detailed guidelines to help new contributors get started easily and ensure consistency in contributions.
    • Facilitate easy onboarding: Develop onboarding materials and tutorials to assist community members in contributing effectively.
  3. Improved and High-Quality Search Functionality

    • Implement Algolia-powered search: Integrate Algolia to provide fast, accurate, and relevant search results for users.
    • Enhance search accuracy: Optimize search algorithms to ensure users can find the exact information they need quickly.
    • Add search filters: Implement advanced search filters to allow users to refine their search results based on various criteria.
  4. Infographics and Text Improvements

    • Develop informative infographics: Create visual aids to enhance understanding of complex concepts and processes within the documentation.
    • Refine textual content: Improve the clarity, readability, and conciseness of the existing text to make it more user-friendly.
    • Ensure consistency and accuracy: Regularly review and update content to maintain accuracy and ensure consistency in terminology and style.

Why We Are the Best for This Task

We have contributed significantly to other blockchain networks and possess the expertise required to seamlessly handle these tasks. Notably, in the Cosmos ecosystem, we revamped the entire Akash Network site, including documentation, as a 100% open-source initiative, which has attracted extensive community contributions.

Tech Stack

We will adhere to the existing tech stack used by Axelar Network, ensuring better code quality and implementation. Our proposed tech stack includes:

  • AstroJS

Budget and Timeline

We propose to complete this project within 2-3 months, with weekly progress reports and regular meetings to share updates. We request a budget of $60k to start and complete this task. Below is a detailed breakdown of tasks, budget, and timeline:

  1. Blueprints and User Flow (100 hours)

    • Research and plan user flow and structure.
    • Draft the blueprints of the overall documentation.
    • Identify key user personas and tailor the documentation structure to their needs.
  2. UI Design (150 hours)

    • Design the UI for various breakpoints as per the blueprints.
    • Create a consistent visual style that aligns with Axelar’s brand.
    • Design infographics wherever applicable to enhance visual communication.
  3. Development (220 hours)

    • Develop the documentation as per blueprints and design direction.
    • Ensure the documentation is highly responsive and compatible with all devices.
    • Maintain code quality and provide guidelines for community contributions.
    • Implement accessibility features to ensure the documentation is usable by all users.
  4. Improved Search Functionality and Open-Sourcing, Handover (130 hours)

    • Implement advanced search functionality using Algolia.
    • Open-source and hand over the work under an appropriate open-source license.
    • Collaborate with the Axelar team to update and integrate the new documentation site.
    • Provide training and documentation for the Axelar team to manage and update the site.

Total Hours: 600 hours
Budget: 600 hours * $100/hour = $60k

Governance Timeline

  • 8th-15th June 2024: Forum discussions and feedback.
  • 16th June 2024: Submit the proposal on-chain.
  • 23rd June 2024: Proposal result (pass/fail).

If the proposal succeeds on-chain, we will begin work one week after the conclusion of the voting period. The tasks will be completed within 2-3 months, with regular weekly updates shared with the community and ecosystem.


This proposal addresses the need for high-quality documentation for the community, presenting a solid plan with a capable team and the experience to execute the tasks effectively. We request the community’s support to initiate and deliver a superior version of Axelar Network’s documentation as outlined in this proposal.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to enhance the Axelar Network documentation for the benefit of the entire community.