[Proposal, Revised] Proposal to Revamp and Improve Axelar Network Documentation

Revised Proposal to Revamp and Improve Axelar Network Documentation [Revised]

Proposal Revision Overview

A few days ago, we submitted an on-chain proposal to revamp and improve the documentation. It did not pass due to inadequate prior discussions with the Axelar team and other stakeholders. In response, @ben_weinberg facilitated a meeting here to address this gap and align our efforts, recognizing the pivotal role of this initiative.

During the meeting, attended by Marty & Ben from Axelar, we thoroughly reviewed our proposal. We discussed our approach, took into account the Axelar team’s perspectives, and found agreement on several key points highlighted in our initial submission. As a result, we have refined our proposal to specify exact deliverables and timelines, aiming to strengthen it for resubmission. We extend our sincere thanks to the Axelar team for their help and guidance.

Below is our final proposal, which includes a detailed explanations, deliverables, and timeline:


We propose a comprehensive revamp and improvement of the Axelar Network documentation with cutting-edge features and enhancements. Our proposal addresses the current documentation’s issues, ranging from UI/UX improvements to better search functionality, proper guidelines for community contributions, high responsiveness, and improved content and guided graphics with video tutorials wherever applicable.


Improving the documentation will make a huge difference for everyone involved. New users will find it easier to get started, and experienced contributors will get access to clear, organized information. The advanced search function will help everyone find what they need quickly. Plus, with better onboarding materials and an open invitation for contributions, we’ll foster a stronger, more engaged community. These changes will support growth for the entire ecosystem.

Deliverables and Goals

Here are the key deliverables and goals we plan to accomplish to enhance the Axelar Network documentation and user experience:

  1. UI/UX Design Improvements
    • Redesigned user interface and overall layout.
    • Improve responsiveness for all devices.
    • Simplified and streamlined navigation.

Here are some examples of the UI/UX issues that we found:

Some possible solutions:

Ps. These are just a few major problems that we have pointed out, more thorough research is required to make the documentation site as good as possible. The solutions proposed are also preliminary.

2. Quality Code and Community Guidelines

  • High-Quality, Maintainable Code:
    • Ensure the codebase is clean, efficient, and easy to maintain + future-proof.
  • Comprehensive Community Guidelines:
    • Provide clear and detailed guidelines to help contributors understand how to contribute effectively.
  • Onboarding Materials and Tutorials for Contributors:
    • Create helpful resources and tutorials to make it easy for new contributors to get started.

3. Enhanced Search Functionality and Landing Page

  • Algolia-Powered/in-built Search Integration:
    • Implement Algolia/in-built search algo for a fast and accurate search experience.
  • Improved Search Accuracy and Relevance:
    • Fine-tune search algorithms to deliver more relevant results.
  • Advanced Search Filters:
    • Add filters to help users narrow down their search results.
  • New Landing Page:
    • Design a new landing page that provides quick access to the most important sections and pages.

4. Content Improvements and Guided Graphics

  • Informative and Relevant Guided Graphics:
    • Use guided graphics that are both informative and relevant to the content, enhancing understanding.
  • Refined, Clear, and Consistent Textual Content updates and improvement:
    • Ensure the text is clear, concise, and consistently presented.
  • Identify and Improve Confusing Text:
    • Find and clarify any confusing or ambiguous text.
  • Detailed Guides for Beginners:
    • Create step-by-step guides specifically designed to help beginners understand and use the content effectively.

5. A New Dedicated “Getting Started” Section

  • Step-by-Step Guides: Provide clear, concise guides to help new users get started quickly.
  • Interactive Tutorials: Offer interactive tutorials to walk users through essential tasks.
  • Helpful Resources: Include links and components to additional resources for further assistance.

6. Video Tutorials

  • Dedicated Video Tutorials for CLI and Proposals:
    • Provide specific tutorials on how to get started with the CLI and how to push proposals on the chain.
    • identify other areas where a video tutorial will be beneficial and create them.

7. Extended Documentation Integration

  • Integration of CLI and Proto Extended Docs:
    • Incorporate the extended documentation for CLI and Proto, currently only on GitHub, into the main documentation website.

Tech Stack

We will adhere to the existing tech stack used by Axelar Network docs, ensuring better code quality and implementation. Our proposed tech stack includes:

  • AstroJS
  • TypeScript

Timeline & Milestones

Weeks 1-2: Planning and Initial Setup

  • Kickoff Meeting: Hold an initial meeting with the Axelar team to align on goals and expectations.
  • Documentation Audit: Review the existing documentation to identify strengths and areas for improvement.
  • UI/UX Discussions: Collaborate with the Axelar team to discuss and refine the final vision for the user interface and user experience.
  • Finalize layout, userflow & design:* Create and implement a advanced layout that offers quick access to key sections and pages.

Weeks 2-5: Layout, userflow and Code Quality Improvements

  • Fix UI & UX issues: Overhaul the user interface to improve the overall layout and aesthetics.
  • Ensure Responsiveness: Make sure the site works seamlessly on all devices, from desktops to smartphones.
  • Simplify Navigation: Streamline the navigation structure for ease of use.
  • Community Guidelines: Develop detailed community guidelines and onboarding materials to help new contributors get started.

Weeks 5-6: “Getting Started” Section, Search Functionality, and Guided Graphics

  • Introduce “Getting Started” Section: Add comprehensive “Getting Started” documentation, including guides and tutorials.
  • Search Functionality: Implement Algolia-powered search for fast and accurate results.
  • Advanced Filters: Enhance the search functionality with advanced filters to refine results.
  • Guided Graphics: Identify sections that would benefit from guided graphics and integrate them.
  • Text Refinement: Review and refine textual content to ensure clarity and consistency.

Weeks 6-8: Final Audit, Extended Documentation Integration, and Video Tutorials

  • Complete Documentation Audit: Conduct a thorough audit of the documentation to ensure completeness and accuracy.
  • Extended Documentation Integration: Integrate the extended documentation for CLI and Proto, currently only available on GitHub, into the main documentation site.
  • Video Tutorials: Finalize and embed video tutorials into relevant sections to provide visual guidance.

Weeks 8-9: Review and Final Adjustments

  • Feedback Review: Gather feedback from the Axelar team and community contributors, then make necessary adjustments.
  • Final Touches: Revisit sections, guided graphics, or video tutorials to implement any required changes.

Weeks 9-10: Deployment and Final Handoff

  • Deployment: Launch the revamped documentation site on the main domain.
  • Final Handoff: Transfer all resources and documentation to the core team, ensuring they are well-equipped to maintain and update the site moving forward.


We propose to complete this project within 2-3 months, with weekly progress reports and regular meetings to share updates. We request a budget of $60k to start and complete this task. Below is a detailed breakdown of tasks, budget, and timeline:

Planning and Initial Setup (100 hours)

  • Conduct a kickoff meeting with the Axelar team.
  • Audit existing documentation.
  • Discuss and research UI/UX and final vision with the Axelar team.
  • Design and implement a new landing page with quick access to important sections and pages.

UI/UX Design and Code Quality Improvements (150 hours)

  • Redesign the user interface and improve the overall layout.
  • Ensure site responsiveness for all devices.
  • Simplify the navigation structure.
  • Develop comprehensive community guidelines and onboarding materials.

“Getting Started” Section + docs, Search Functionality, and Guided Graphics (220 hours)

  • Introduce a “Getting Started” section with documentation, guides, and tutorials.
  • Implement Algolia-powered search functionality.
  • Enhance search accuracy and add advanced filters.
  • Identify sections needing guided graphics and integrate them.
  • Refine textual content for clarity and consistency.

Final Audit, Extended Documentation Integration, and Video Tutorials (130 hours)

  • Conduct a complete audit of the documentation.
  • Organize user flow, remove outdated items if any, and integrate CLI and Proto extended docs from GitHub.
  • Finalize and integrate video tutorials into relevant sections.
  • Deploy the revamped documentation site and hand off all resources to the Axelar team.

Total Hours: 600 hours
Budget: 600 hours * $100/hour = $60k

Governance Timeline

  • 1st July: Community Forum Discussion
  • TBD: Submit the proposal on-chain.
  • TBD: Proposal result (pass/fail).

If the proposal succeeds on-chain, we will begin work one week after the conclusion of the voting period. The tasks will be completed within 2-3 months, with regular weekly updates shared with the community and ecosystem.


When we first started with Axelar, we encountered numerous challenges with the documentation, including issues with UX, content, and a lack of proper guides. It was difficult to find the information we needed, and many sections were unclear. We don’t want any newcomers to feel the same way; instead, we want experienced/new users to easily find everything they need and have a productive, clear experience. Our goal is to create streamlined, well-written documentation that offers a great user experience. We aim to make Axelar approachable and easy to navigate for anyone new to the platform. By improving the documentation, we hope to foster a welcoming environment that encourages learning and participation.

Bio & Past Work

At Hooman Digital, we are a dynamic team of versatile professionals with expertise across various digital domains. Our commitment is to deliver authentic and user-friendly solutions tailored to meet the unique requirements of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs). Our diverse team includes designers, developers, writers, marketers, and community builders, all working in unison to create seamless digital experiences.

A testament to our capabilities is our successful collaboration with Akash Network, where we designed, developed, and currently maintain their 100% open-source website including docs, highlighting our dedication to transparency and community-driven development. Additionally, we have built a cutting-edge platform for ArbitrumDAO, aimed at being a universal hub to enhance information access within the Arbitrum ecosystem.

We have contributed significantly to other blockchain networks and possess the expertise required to seamlessly handle these tasks. Notably, in the Cosmos ecosystem, we revamped the entire Akash Network site, including documentation, as a 100% open-source initiative, which has attracted extensive community contributions. Here are the GitHub links for our two relevant recent projects:

  1. Akash Network Docs and Website
  2. ArbitrumHub


This proposal addresses the need for high-quality documentation for the community & ecosystem, presenting a solid plan with a capable team experienced in executing these tasks effectively. We request the community’s support to initiate and deliver a superior version of Axelar Network’s documentation, as outlined in this proposal.

Thank you for considering our proposal. We look forward to the opportunity to enhance the Axelar Network documentation for the benefit of the entire community.

We ask for the community’s support during the vote and invite any questions related to the proposal or any other concerns below.

Thank you