Proposal for Participation in ETH LATAM - Honduras March 2024

Project Name Axelar Latam in ETH LATAM
Description As the Colledge team for the Axelar community in LATAM, we’re excited to join the ETH LATAM event on March 12th and 13th in Honduras. It’s a chance to spotlight Axelar and connect with fellow projects and blockchain enthusiasts in the region.
Date March 12th - 13th, 2024
Contact Name Cristobal Pereira
Discord Username cristpereirag
Grant Amount $2,500

Project Description

It is our pleasure, as the Colledge team responsible for the Axelar community in LATAM, to present our proposal to participate in the ETH LATAM event, which will take place on March 12th and 13th in Honduras. This opportunity offers us the possibility to actively promote Axelar and its vibrant ecosystem in the region, as well as to establish valuable connections with other projects and blockchain enthusiasts.

English Guide ETH Latam Honduras 2024


  • ETH LATAM main event is expecting to reach over 1000 attendees, which represents a potential exposure for Axelar booth.
  • To increase active community members, social media engagement, and community growth.
  • To collaborate with ETH LATAM as a valuable strategic partnership to participate actively in web3 community initiatives in Latin America.
  • To cooperate with Scroll team in their side event in order to spread the Axelar’s features.
  • To measure a rise in new user signups and active wallet addresses. (TBD)
  • To enhance Axelar brand recognition and reputation within LATAM blockchain space.
  • Establishment of strategic partnerships and collaborations with key LATAM players.
  • To contribute to the overall success and growth of the LATAM blockchain ecosystem.

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs

Category Target Audience Metric Reasoning
Reach 1000+ Potential booth visitors All attendees of the ETH LATAM event are potential visitors to the Axelar booth.
Community 200+ Social media followers growth A significant percentage of attendees will be interested in joining the Axelar community on social media or chat platforms.
Community 50-100 Community growth on X/Telegram A high percentage of attendees are expected to interact with Axelar on social media.
Engagement 500-1000 Engagement rate at booth activities Group of attendees actively participating in the initiatives at the Axelar booth.
Users 100-200 Axelar social media mentions A percentage of attendees are expected to become new members of Axelar.
Users 50-100 Social media interactions with the booth Number of likes, comments, and shares on social media posts related to the booth
Brand 500-800 Number of signed agreements with potential partners The majority of event attendees are expected to recognize the Axelar brand.
Partnerships 5-10 Reach of collaborations on social media Number of potential educational collaborations (Xpaces, Webinars, AMAs etc)

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline

  1. Booth at the Main Event: We appreciate the invitation from the ETH LATAM team to have a booth at the main event. This space will allow us to interact directly with attendees, introduce Axelar and its solutions, and share valuable information about how our platform is driving interoperability in the blockchain ecosystem. As discussed with Katie Stapleton, community lead from Axelar core team member, we as Axelar LATAM team, proposed to afford using part of the grant budget to outfitting the booth and merchandising, ensuring an attractive and professional visual presentation.

  2. Presentation at Scroll’s Side Event: We have also been invited by the Scroll team to give a talk about Axelar and its impact on the blockchain industry. This opportunity will enable us to highlight the technical aspects and competitive advantages of Axelar to an interested and engaged audience.


  • Low brand exposure: ⁠Low brand exposure: Despite the anticipation of over 1000 attendees, there’s a risk that Axelar’s brand exposure may not meet expectations due to a high number of booths at the event.
  • Low booth traffic: The Axelar booth might not attract the anticipated number of visitors due to an unfavourable booth positioning at the venue, resulting in limited interaction with attendees and decreased effectiveness in conveying Axelar’s message and value proposition.
  • Technical Glitches: There is a risk of technical issues such as power outages, internet connectivity problems, or malfunctioning equipment at the booth, which could hinder the team’s ability to deliver presentations, conduct demonstrations, or engage with attendees effectively.
  • Competing Events or Attractions: Concurrent events or attractions at the ETH LATAM venue may divert attention away from the Axelar booth, reducing booth traffic and limiting opportunities for engagement with attendees.


We are excited to be part of ETH Latam Honduras, as this event shares the same ethos as the Axelar LATAM community. Our goal is to drive the adoption of Web3 technology in Latin America in order to onboard new users and contribute to the advancement of our region.

Bio & Past Work

Colledge is an academy with over 10,000 students across Latin America. Since September 2023, with the support of the Axelar community, we have spearheaded the creation and growth of the Axelar Latam community, which you can find the proposal for at this link: Axelar Latam Community.

The Axelar Latam community comprises:

Alejandra Pacheco: Community Lead at Axelar LATAM. Partners & Incubator Manager at Web3 LATAM Hub. Content translator and Web3 Builder.

Brenda Palavicino: Argentina Community Lead at Axelar LATAM. UX Designer. Content Creator. DeSci Builder.

Ricardo Fuentes: Mexico Community Lead at Axelar LATAM. Computer Systems Engineer. IT Consultant. Project and Technology Innovation Manager. Fullstack Web2 Developer. Web3 Jr. Developer. Core Team Member of the Web3 Anti SAT & Cripto UNAM Communities.


Item Amount
Accommodation 447 USD
Flight Tickets 1787 USD
Transport 160 USD
Extras 106 USD
Total 2500 USD

Budget Justification:

  • Accommodation: A budget of 447 USD is allocated to ensure comfortable and convenient accommodation during our stay in Honduras, ensuring adequate rest for our team.

  • Flight Tickets: The cost of flight tickets amounts to 1600 USD, covering the expenses of air transport for the entire team attending the event.

  • Transport: A budget of 130 USD is allocated to cover round trip local transportation from Puebla to Mexico City Airport and from Buenos Aires province to Ezeiza Airport.

Transport from Ramón Villeda Morales International Airport to Copantl Hotel & Convention Center roundtrip 30 USD.

Gm Axelar Community,

I’m Brenda from Axelar LATAM and @GordaBitcoin on social media.

It will be a pleasure to represent Axelar in our region at an event as important for Latin Americans as ETH LATAM.


Hi Alejandra, Brenda and Ricardo,

Thank you for this proposal for the Colledge team to participate in ETH LAM in March.

We (LunaNova) are supportive of your objectives for this event of increasing the collaboration with ETH LATAM, interacting with as many as possible of the 1,000 attendees and developing a number of strategic partnerships.

Your approach of providing a booth and presenting at Scroll’s side event sounds great and realistic. It is important to recognise the risks of not achieving these objectives, which you have done and we would encourage you to develop mitigations for these.


Thanks a lot, Mike for your reply! We are excited to participate in ETHLatam this year as Axelar Latam team!

Hello everyone! This is Alejandra :wave: I’m thrilled to be here! :blush: As the Community Lead for Axelar in LATAM, I’m coordinating and co-organizing with my awesome teammates in Mexico and Argentina to help our community flourish. Excited to dive into all things ETH Latam with you all! :star2: Let’s make this journey together!

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