[PRE-PROPOSAL] Increase Minimum Deposit for Governance Proposals

This thread is intended to serve as a temperature check prior to a onchain proposal, and a place for the community members to provide feedback. It is also the continuation of previous discussion from here.

The current deposit amount of 100 AXL appears to be insufficient and unfortunately attracts spam proposals, as we recently observed with proposals #32 and #34. In order to tackle the spam issues while still encouraging community participation in Axelar governance, we should raise the minimum deposit amount.

Proposal Deposit Approach:

  • Users can submit proposals with a deposit. Once the minimum deposit is reached, the proposal enters voting period.
    To prevent spam, proposals must be submitted with a deposit in the coins defined by the MinDeposit param.
  • Participants can vote on proposals that reached MinDeposit.

Deposit refund and burn
When a proposal is finalized, the coins from the deposit are either refunded or burned according to the final tally of the proposal:

  • If the proposal is approved or rejected but not vetoed, each deposit will be automatically refunded to its respective depositor (transferred from the governance ModuleAccount).
  • When the proposal is vetoed with greater than 1/3, deposits will be burned from the governance ModuleAccount and the proposal information along with its deposit information will be removed from state.

Proposal to Increase Minimum Deposit
The current threshold of 100 AXL appears to be too low and attracts spam proposals. With a minimum deposit of sufficient size, new spam proposals will be discouraged. Nonetheless, we must consider the community and ensure that the new amount is still within the means of those who wish to meaningfully participate in governance.

  • Cosmos: 250 ATOM or approximately $3,670.
  • Osmosis: 1600 OSMO or approximately $1,680.
  • Evmos: 3500 EVMOS or approximately $1,550.

If you agree that the current minimum deposit should be increased, please share your thoughts on the appropriate amount, either through the poll or in the comments section below.

What would be an ideal number to raise the minimum deposit on Onchain proposals? :arrow_down:

  • 1000 AXL
  • 1500 AXL
  • 2000 AXL
  • 2500 AXL

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Very unfortunate that this has to happen but scammers will always find a way… 1500 seems like a good middle ground for now.

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Thank you for advancing this discussion. We are in favor of increasing the minimum deposit to 2000 AXL.

It would be great if governance could also consider extending the voting period to 3 days as originally posted here.

What do you think, @Rok ?

Considering that deposits are refunded, I’m in favor of 2000 AXL.

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Based on past but also potential future markets, 2000 AXL would provide good flexibility for some time, while still protecting from a wave of scam proposals.

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2000 AXL should be a good threshold

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Support increasing the commission to 2000 AXL.
Also, it would be much more convenient if the voting period was at least 3 days.

Supporting a 2000 AXL threshold.

Makes total sense. Needed to prevent spam proposals. If they’re valid they will get the needed AXL.

Thank you for this governance proposal. It certainly makes sense to use a mechanism like this to eliminate spam proposals and as such we are supportive of a change to 2000AXL.

2000AXL seems most appropriate.
I am supporting a 2000AXL.

+1 for increasing min delegation.

i think we should be a bit careful with increasing voting periods thought. it’s good to be able to react to any potential bugs pretty quickly if needed. at least for now. we should increase it over time though.
[but ideally, cosmos sdk should support diff “urgency levels” for upgrades.]


I Agree to increase to minimum Deposit Governance Proposals. And i think we should VOTE for this soon as possible. Becouse today +2 scam proposals in on our network.

The target of scammer is a scam website. Where user can click, connect wallet and “finito la story

I voted for 2500AXL

guys, we need to make an absolute slashing proposal deposit, when the “no_with_veto” votes to maximum. Because when it rejected (check this one hour only in this proposal Interchain Explorer by Cosmostation) the deposit returns to scammer. Or am I wrong?

With veto, the deposit amount is burned instead of being refunded. And now a parameter upgrade proposal raised to prevent spam proposals. see

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Minimum amount must be 1000 AXL according to my estimate this amount is absolutely suitable for everyone.

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The amount must be more - 2000 AXL :+1:

Yes, it must be raised.
Looking at the future value of AXL, 1500 AXL is appropriate