My transaction on Axelar's Satellite is stuck. Where can I get help?

:loud_sound: I have a problem with Satellite / my transaction is stuck. Where can I get help?

If your asset doesn’t arrive after sufficient time has passed (15-30 minutes for all chains, except Ethereum, where transactions are triggered at 30m+ intervals), then:

a) Confirm that your transaction on the source chain went through via the corresponding explorer.
b) Confirm that you sent the assets to the Axelar-generated deposit address.
c) Confirm that you’ve sent the tokens to the desired destination chain & added the token contract to your Metamask wallet (Assets | Axelarscan). Try searching your transaction in the destination chain’s explorer based on your destination address.

Please :ticket: Open a Satellite Ticket :ticket: via Zendesk to get support. Make sure to include all of the requested information.