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Hello Axelar Community!

Happy New Year! We wish you and your loved ones a prosperous and joyful year, health, happiness, good luck and a bit of a miracle.

Whatever plans life has in store for us, let’s stay strong, motivated and purposeful!

According to various analysts and companies, 2023 will be a time of ongoing change, new challenges and bifurcation points. Apparently, the technology will play a bigger part during these turbulent times. The times when you need to show willpower, commitment to your goals, cooperate with the likeminded and take action.

There is an expression: “A tailwind saves strength, and a headwind adds experience.” From the inception of MapOfZones to the present, our small team has learned many lessons, taken on challenges, and continues to strive to make our Cosmos Network community more informed and confident in their decision-making. Our product was originally created for ordinary people who find it difficult to deal with all these new technical terms, technologies and flow of narratives, which is hard to absorb, syntethize and use for personal purposes.

As a team, we understand that we want to keep building MapOfZones and realize our ideas and plans, so that all of us, ordinary people from different countries and continents, have this opportunity to educate ourselves, help our friends and other people get a chance to adapt in this changing world around us.

We are a social project, and rely on grant support to continue building and supporting MapOfZones. As the time goes and conditions worsened recently, we approached a few Zones in Cosmos, whom we share long-term vision and plans with, to consider supporting MoZ while at the same time formulating areas of cooperation.

We would be grateful if you consider our request for grant support from the Axelar community pool.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

MapOfZones team

Funding Request:
We are requesting a 40’000 AXL Grant for the operations support and continued development of MapOfZones. This grant will serve to support MoZ operations over the next four months due to the ever growing nature of the Cosmos Network’s scale, intensity and complexity, coupled with the necessary enhancement of the team’s backend expertise.

For the past three years, we have been tirelessly building MoZ. During this time, the core Cosmos Network software (Cosmos SDK and the implementation of ISC) has evolved and the number of Zones we support has grown to 53. We are also constantly monitoring and manually supporting upgrades and custom implementations specific to each zone.

It has become clear that what we have built is not optimal nor easily scalable. Therefore, we need to reassess our architecture, refactor a large portion of our codebase, and rewrite some of it as microservices. This will enable us to add new zones, new analytics and data types, and make it easier for us to move forward in the future.

Purpose/Grant Goals:
MoZ is an open-sourced data analytics platform that navigates people along their journey in Cosmos Network during the process of exploration, onboarding and decision-making. Cosmonauts can observe interchain data and stats, interactive visualization, IBC-enabled zones’ metrics and parameters.

At the moment, all of the functionality is available to the end user free of charge which is no doubt position us as a project built for a communal good. This means that we rely solely on Community grants to cover for the operational expenses as well as to help us acquire and retain new talents.

The support will allow us to:

  • cover team and infrastructure costs;
  • address technical debt;
  • enhance the backend dev team to fit the scale/scope/intensity/complexity of operations;
  • streamline Zones’ support function;
  • explore ways to highlight activity by ‘interchain accounts’ and by ‘interchain security’;
  • review architecture and adapt microservices (to eliminate roadblocks to deliver new features for users and developer teams);
  • redesign of metric and parameter calculations to eliminate the complexity of PL/pgSQL functions (critical value component to build data API as a next step).

Value-add to Axelar:
As people say MoZ is a social good project that brings attention to Cosmos Network, let alone many perceive it to be the website to visit first. MoZ ranks all the IBC-enabled Zones based on a variety of on-chain parameters that help people to ease their onboarding process, behold leaders and compare Zones to identify patterns and trends.

Axelar is one of the Top 5 projects based on many parameters we provide in the Cosmos Ecosystem. We noticed that approx. 10% of our web traffic goes directly to Zone specific websites indicated on MoZ UI, however we’ve never tried to improve that metric significantly, and apparently, there is a gap between general purpose Cosmos Network analytics and Zone specific product offering/data.

We strongly believe in a staged cooperation with Axelar:

  • promotion and user retention (for instance, to promote the app by adding it onto the MoZ main/section page, new Axelar specific data/charts/dashboards, cross-promo via social networks, UI for Axelar’s interchain use cases, etc);
  • Axelar’s infra utilization (new data points: gateways, dapps, interchain/crosschain protocol specific implementations etc.);
  • exploration of options for new MoZ solutions atop Axelar’s application-development layer;
  • other (methodology, education/guidelines, lowering entry barriers for users etc.).

As some of the aspects mentioned above are bold enough and forward-looking ideas that fall beyond the scope of the requested support, we believe that Zones enabling cross-chain activity and solutions to achieve it are a perfect fit for MoZ.

To coordinate complementary and coherent moves we’ll work closely with the Axelar team to identify areas to unlock synergies, growth and efficacy. Step-by-step …


  1. Map Of Zones · GitHub
  2. twitter: MapOfZones

Hey, Big fan of Map of Zones. Kudos for the great work!

Would like to know few things,

  • what is the plan for grants as MoZ is common for all of the cosmos ecosystem.
  • Have any grants been awarded from other ecosystems
  • Are those grants recurring or one time.


Thank you for your questions. It is very much appreciated.

Question: what is the plan for grants as MoZ is common for all of the cosmos ecosystem?
Answer: Axelar team may consider covering this topic at a later date. Any additional grants would need to be discussed and must provide clear benefits to Axelar.

Question: Have any grants been awarded from other ecosystems?
Answer: We recently received approval of a grant through the Osmosis Grant Program (OGP) to cover a portion of the necessary funds. We are applying the same logic to the Axelar case.

Question: Are those grants recurring or one time.
Answer: One time

Yours Sincerely,

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Cheers, thanks for the answers. :+1:

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Wow! I’ve already personally added you to my bookmarks.

What you create is amazing! As a CryptoSailors validator we will definitely vote for you “YES”.

I have a suggestion, by the way. Could you add other networks with which COSMOS projects are connected. Something like other universes like ETH, Polygon and so on. Below I have attached pictures, as I see it.

Send funds here if approved: MoZ axelar address:


Thank you

Dear friend,

We extend our sincerest gratitude to you and CryptoSailors validator for the kind words and invaluable support. We are honored to have the support of people like you who are sharing their ideas and helping our small initiative.

Currently, we are striving to verticalize in Cosmos and create an app for our solution. We share your belief that one cannot be sure to have completed their analysis without looking beyond the boundaries of liquidity/value inflows/outflows. It is an interesting fact to note that one of the big names similar to those mentioned in your post contacted us in the past to build a product similar to MoZ. After careful research and analysis, we had to put this idea aside. Unfortunately, our capacity is limited, let alone we have started to experience deterioration due to the ever-growing nature of Cosmos: scale/scope, complexity, intensity.
Presently, we continue supporting the Cosmos Network and building MoZ as a social good. However, our goal is to create a self-sustaining product that does not require grant support, although grants provide us with the opportunity to demonstrate our value and the benefits we bring to the grant provider.

We chose to apply to Axelar and its esteemed community in order to gain some breathing room to increase our sustainability and explore closer cooperation in order to give back once we are back on track.
With the intention to provide the answer to your message, we are considering collaborating with Zones that enable cross-chain activity, building interoperability protocols and bridges to other ecosystems, particularly to provide on-chain Zone -specific data and a comprehensive set of metrics to our users.

At MoZ, a small team of enthusiasts, we are committed to delivering an exceptional experience to our valued community. We recognize that our plans and objectives are simply aspirations, but we are trying to remain confident that we can achieve them and continue to be a valuable resource for our users and Axelar, in particular.

From MoZ with love to the esteemed Axelar community!

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We fully support funding for open source, free-to-use data and tooling. Flipside is happy to vote YES here!