InterlinkedDAO: Axelar Ecosystem X/Twitter Proposal

Project Name

Interlinked DAO: Axelar Ecosystem X/Twitter Account Takeover


Interlinked DAO comprises a dedicated cohort of Axelar community members and ICO participants, united by a shared conviction in the potential of interchain technologies and a steadfast commitment to Axelar’s prosperity. Our mission leverages the extensive professional expertise of our members in cryptocurrency community cultivation and engagement. We aim to empower the Axelar community to self-organize and emerge as a significant force in amplifying Axelar’s vision and achievements within the broader crypto ecosystem.


16th April 2024

Contact Name


Discord Username


Grant Amount

$16,000 in AXL for a 3-month trial period

Project Description

Following the positive reception and insightful feedback from our initial proposal, Interlinked DAO proposes to take stewardship of the Axelar Ecosystem X account. Our objective is to distinguish the account’s content from the official Axelar account by introducing a unique Twitter persona/brand that resonates more with CT. In addition, this would place Axelar one step closer towards decentralization.


Currently, posts from the Axelar Ecosystem account mirror those from the official account. Interlinked DAO aims to elevate the content quality in terms of both text and graphics, aligning it more closely with the crypto aesthetics and trends to foster a unique and engaging online presence. Additionally, this account would be completely in the hands of the community.

Interlinked DAO has a proven track record of fostering vibrant Axelar community environments. For instance, in early April 2024, we launched the Axelarators Telegram group, which swiftly outpaced the official Telegram group in daily member engagement within just two weeks.

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs

In the initial three-month period covered by this proposal, our objective is to demonstrate our capability in effectively managing the Axelar Ecosystem while concurrently achieving a 30% increase in original content production.

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline

We propose the takeover of Axelar Ecosystem X account for an initial trial period of three months. At the end of each month, we will produce a report showcasing the monthly stats which will include statistics on the original content created.


One of the inherent risks we recognize is the potential for the account to be hacked, compromising the integrity and trustworthiness of our efforts. To mitigate this risk, Interlinked DAO will implement stringent security measures, including regular password updates, two-factor authentication, and limiting access privileges to trusted team members only. Additionally, we will continuously monitor the account for any suspicious activity and promptly address any security concerns that may arise.


Our motivation stems from a belief in Axelar’s potential and a commitment to fostering a community that actively contributes to and shapes the ecosystem. By elevating the Axelar Ecosystem account, we aim to create a more engaging and decentralized platform for community interaction.

Bio & Past Work

Notably, Interlinked DAO has already secured a community grant through a prior proposal and is currently executing our initial plan. As explained above, the execution is going very well as we’ve already surpassed the official telegram account when it comes to community activity. Looking to garner more momentum, we plan to expand our presence into the X/CT to better position Axelar as increasingly more aligned with the community.

We (LunaNova) welcome this proposal to support and grow the Axelar community in this instance via X/Twitter. Your work with the Axelarators Telegram group, which you launched in April 2024, and via which you rapidly outpaced the official Axelar Telegram group in terms of daily member engagement is great evidence of your experience and capability to do this.