Governance FAQs

:loud_sound: How can I participate in governance?

Axelar is a decentralized network which means any participant can take part in the network’s governance. Feel free to take a look at Governance Proposal for an overview of live proposals you can vote on. To vote on a proposal, please visit

:loud_sound: What are the requirements for participating in governance?

In order to vote on governance proposals, you need a Keplr wallet with AXL tokens. By participating in the governance process, you can actively help to shape the network.

:loud_sound: What are the phases in Axelar’s governance process?

The following provides a short overview of the different phases in Axelar’s protocol governance process:

  • Proposal Creation: A governance proposal is posted in the forum by a community member.
  • Forum Discussion: Once posted in the forum, the community can provide feedback on the proposal and ask questions about it.
  • Community Voting: The proposal is then put to a vote to be approved for implementation.
  • Proposal Implementation: If approved, the proposal should be implemented and adopted by the network.