GitHub issue handling

Please ensure that you have staff handling issues on GitHub in all repositories.

Can you be more specific? There are a lot of projects in the ecosystem.

There are many issues that have remained open and unanswered for months at Issues · axelarnetwork/axelar-core · GitHub.

I’ve also raised an issue at Issues · axelarnetwork/interchain-token-service · GitHub which I think is important.

The axelar-ui issues have been handled well, but it appears it’s because it’s a different organization that does it. I hope Axelar’s staff can be as active as them on GitHub issues.

Thanks for posting them! good questions – we’ll review and address. but those are not real “issues”. Either stack overflow or discord are better places for them. Newest 'axelar' Questions - Stack Overflow
On actual issues, they’re constantly re-prioritized and regular releases continue improving the network and greatly extending its functionality.

My issues may not be bugs but are more like feature requests to improve things.

That might be suitable if I can’t get something working and need help, but not for suggesting improvements or highlighting securtiy risks like I did with Enhance security related to burning · Issue #101 · axelarnetwork/interchain-token-service · GitHub

You need staff to manage the issues better, e.g. in each open issue have someone respond, and if nothing’s going to be done then say so and close the issue, instead of leaving them in limbo.

I love Axelar and am a strong supporter, and am helping to improve your products.

thanks. will take a look.


All security issues reported on github by SKYBITDev3 were resolved as not applicable.

And yes all of our staff is taking security issues very seriously and handling them according to their severity and priority:

It’s too early to state that.

Well if you think any of our services have security issues that could be exploited please provide as with a proof of concept of an attack. Hypothetical “it’s too risky” can’t be counted as a valid security report. We already did our best explaining how our services work and why your concerns are not representing any security problems in our service design.

If you still find anything that is an actual security vulnerability and able to provide an exploit code please disclose it through Axelar Network Bug Bounties | Immunefi so your findings will be gratefully rewarded.

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