General FAQs about Axelar

:loud_sound: What is Axelar?

Axelar delivers secure interchain communication. That means dApp users can interact with any asset, any application, on any chain, with one click. You can think of it as Stripe for Web3.

Developers interact with a simple API atop a permissionless network that routes messages and ensures network security via delegated proof-of-stake consensus.

:loud_sound: What are some of the use cases Axelar can solve?

These are example use cases of using Axelar for cross-chain communication:

  • Cross-chain swaps β†’ Users swap tokens on a dex, chain-agnostically, with one click – just like on a centralized exchange.
  • NFT + DeFi β†’ A wallet with universal borrow-lend; F.e., NFTs on Ethereum can be used as collateral in DeFi apps on any IBC or EVM-compatible chain.
  • Universal AMM & lending β†’ Pool liquidity & collateral from any user, in any asset, on any chain.
  • Interchain synthetic assets β†’ Call data from dApps on other chains, to index derivatives on the chain that fits your use-case best.
  • Open gaming β†’ Any asset, anywhere, becomes currency or credential.
  • Interchain governance β†’ DAOs and guilds run decentralized programs that span activity on multiple chains.

:loud_sound: Does Axelar have a token?

AXL is the native token of the Axelar network. The AXL token is used to secure the network via proof-of-stake model, and pay for transaction fees on the network. It is also used to reward ecosystem builders and community contributors. Read more

:loud_sound: Where can I learn more about Axelar?

:loud_sound: Does Axelar have a grants program? ?

Ideally, your idea benefits the Axelar ecosystem and the many stakeholders therein. You should show the Axelar Foundation the added value of your project to the ecosystem or Axelar’s various stakeholders. The more value your work offers, the more likely it is to get funding.

You can apply for a grant here: Axelar Funding Program

:loud_sound: Are there regional communities for discussing Axelar?

:exclamation: Messages coming from community-led groups are not considered official communication and the views expressed by members and organizers don’t necessarily reflect those of the Axelar core team.

There are numerous community-run communities for many regions. You can find a list in the following with links to each group:

Local Community Directory

:fr: French
:tr: Turkish
:thailand: Thai
:kr: Korean
:ru: Russian
:cn: Chinese
:es: Spanish
:vietnam: Vietnamese
:ukraine: Ukrainian
:saudi_arabia: Arabic
:netherlands: Dutch
:belarus: Belarus

For a full list of career opportunities, please see: Careers