FAQ questions and answers

Q: I’m trying to make a transaction, but it keeps saying "insufficient funds","logs":[],"info":"","gas_wanted":"200000","gas_used":"19611","tx":null,"timestamp":"","events":[]}

A: Make sure that you have enough tokens and flag --gas-adjustment 1.5 is added to you command line.

Q: I’m trying to import a tofnd file. But my terminal does not show where to enter it.

A: If you did a tofnd -m import you should see the following:

Please type your tofnd password:


{"timestamp":"2022-10-05T14:18:26.551167Z","level":"INFO","message":"START: decrypt kvstore","spans":[{"name":"main"}]}
{"timestamp":"2022-10-05T14:18:26.702794Z","level":"INFO","message":"DONE: decrypt kvstore","spans":[{"name":"main"}]}
{"timestamp":"2022-10-05T14:18:26.702832Z","level":"INFO","message":"kv_manager cannot open existing db [/root/.tofnd/kvstore/kv]. creating new db","spans":[{"name":"main"}]}
{"timestamp":"2022-10-05T14:18:26.702858Z","level":"INFO","message":"Importing mnemonic","spans":[{"name":"main"}]}



{"timestamp":"2022-10-05T14:19:31.413210Z","level":"INFO","message":"Inserting mnemonic under key 'mnemonic' with total count '0'","spans":[{"name":"main"}]}
{"timestamp":"2022-10-05T14:19:31.413400Z","level":"INFO","message":"Mnemonic successfully added in kv store. Use the `-m export` command to retrieve it.","spans":[{"name":"main"}]}
{"timestamp":"2022-10-05T14:19:31.413511Z","level":"INFO","message":"Tofnd exited after using command <Import>. Run `./tofnd -m existing` to execute gRPC daemon.","spans":[{"name":"main"}]}
{"timestamp":"2022-10-05T14:19:31.413540Z","level":"INFO","message":"kv_manager stop"}

Q: Problems connecting Metamask to Satellite/can’t send funds through Satellite (error “invalid amount” appears)

Solutions to the problem:

A: If the problem occurs with one network, one thing you can try is deleting the network from your Metamask, and click the fox next to the “MAX” button on Satellite to get the network re-added. if that doesn’t work, some things to try:

  1. from Metamask, where it says “Connected”, if satellite.money is already connected, disconnect it.
  2. then clear your localStorage for satellite.money, specifically anything that references “wagmi” (instructions to clear localStorage here): https://www.leadshook.com/help/how-to-clear-local-storage-in-google-chrome-browser/
  3. then restart the app and try again

A: The other problem could be related to your connected accounts. In this case open metamask and disconnect all the accounts. Then close metamask (lock). And try to connect again through Satellite.