Expanding the Axelar Ecosystem-Squid : create a Decentralize Cross Chain orderbooks

I have see how Axelar had save the Cosmos ecostystem during Luna’s crash and how the system is evolved, but, ther’s something which no one are talking about: cross chain orderbooks for Decentralize exchange. My is only a suggestion on a topic which can became the relevante into the features, maybe a win key. Guys, if you offer your services through Squid at the decentralize exchanges you will able to create a cross chain decentralize exchange and indirectly , the main important think , a cross chains decentralize virtual orderbooks ! Where I can post an order on Exchange X on chain A with one click from a chain B (and maybe into the future, from an Exchange Y).
If we menage all cross chain order we can became ourself (Axelar) the spot where menage the order through decentralize exchanges ! Maybe the most important volume into the future will not be into the Decentralize exchange, but chains like Axelar which will menage the traffic from all blockchain menaging the decentralized Cross Chain Orderbooks !

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