Ecosystem Projects

Axelar is inviting the community to contribute to our network development. If you’re interested in contributing, please submit a 1-paragraph proposal with your background to the submissions form and indicate which project you’re interested in and how you’d approach building a solution for it. In particular, we’re looking for developers to help us build the following components:

  • Dashboards to help monitor the Axelar network state, such as the number of active validators, their stake, peers, transactions, accounts, etc. You can retrieve information from Prometheus or via queries on the axelar node. A separate validator dashboard may be useful to display status of each validator: how many blocks they missed, participation status, etc.

  • Indexers to capture the state of the Axelar network. The network also emits various events associated with cross-chain transactions that can expose additional useful information.

  • Wallets support to give users the ability to self-custody, send and receive Axelar native tokens, stake, participate in governance, etc.

  • Explorers to search transactions within Axelar network.

  • Front-ends to perform cross-chain asset transfers built on top of the Axelar network.

  • Validator tools, monitoring and setup scripts, secure hardware tools and tutorials, etc.

  • Axelar network is a decentralized state transition machine. The network accepts a series of commands to perform state transitions. The safety of these commands and the transitions between them is fundamental for the security of the network. We’re looking for help to build various fuzzers to test various edge cases.

Looking forward to your proposals and leave a comment below if you have any questions!


what is axelar chain built upon?
Is it cosmos sdk? substrate? or some custom implementation?

the protocol is built on top of the cosmos sdk.

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for the indexer what chains need to be indexed? I assume Axelar, Bitcoin and Ethereum? Potentially Avalanche bc there is a cooperation going on? Is there any specific target on how to make the data accessible e.g. via a graphql api? Are there any data consumers already e.g. user interfaces? Looks to me to be an integral part of the other tasks further down in the list. What’s the timeframe on the indexer tasks and what could be useful milestones? Would there be a grant for running that infrastructure long term and is there a requirement to publish e.g. docker-compose or ansible scripts to setup the required blockchain nodes and the api on other peoples servers if they like?

For the start, we’d like to index certain information on the Axelar Network, Bitcoin, Ethereum followed by the information from other partner networks we’re working with. There are many distinct consumers of the indexers. Standard indexers on top of the Axelar Network will be used by usual ecosystem participants (block explorers, wallets, monitoring tools, etc.). First, we want to build specific monitoring tools around these indexes: for instance, a health monitoring dashboard for the Axelar Network would monitor certain UTXOs on Bitcoin (the addresses will be available from the Axelar Network), Gateway Contracts on Ethereum, and cross-chain requests going through the Axelar Network itself. By looking at the dashboard, consistency across various components may be observed. Also, our initial set of cross-chain applications might leverage these indexers.

A first helpful milestone would be to index the Axelar chain itself (capture the transactions submitted, UTXOs generated, signatures produced, etc.). There may be grants for running the infrastructure.

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