Does Axelar have an SDK and where can I find it?

:loud_sound: Does Axelar have an SDK and where can I find it?

Yes, Axelar does have an SDK (software development kit). Here is a link to the Axelar SDK.

For more information on the SDK, please visit AxelarJS SDK.

AxelarJS SDK

The AxelarJS SDK is an npm library that includes a collection of APIs and query tools written in Javascript.

The package can be installed into your dApp as a project dependency with:

npm i @axelar-network/[email protected]

Current modules:

  • AxelarAssetTransfer
  • AxelarGMPRecoveryAPI
    • API library to track and recover (if needed) GMP transactions (both callContract and callContractWithToken).
    • Transactions are indexed by the transaction hash initiated on the source chain when invoking either callContract or callContractWithToken.
    • GMP transaction status and recovery.
  • AxelarQueryAPI
    • Collection of helpful predefined queries into the network, e.g., transaction fees for token transfers, cross-chain gas prices for GMP transactions, denom conversions, etc.
    • Axelar Query API.