Cooperation proposal from a Persian ambassador and moderator

Hello Axelar team,

a video made for FileCoin:

I am Mohammad Taghian, a crypto enthusiast and content creator from Iran. I am writing to you to express my interest in working with you as a Persian ambassador and moderator for your project.

I have been following your project for a while and I am impressed by your vision of empowering startups and investors with blockchain technology. I believe that your project has a lot of potential and value for the crypto community, especially in Iran and other Persian-speaking countries.

Iran is a good market for your project because there are about 20 million Iranian users who are active in the crypto space. They are looking for innovative and trustworthy projects to invest in and support. Moreover, many big exchanges like Bingx, MEXC, Bitforex, and others also have huge Persian audiences who are interested in new and promising projects.

As a Persian ambassador and moderator, I can help you introduce your project to the Iranian and Persian crypto users and grow your community and brand awareness in this region. I have many abilities and experiences that make me a suitable candidate for this role, such as:

- Translation: I can translate your website, whitepaper, articles, and other materials from English to Persian and vice versa.
- Content creation: I can create engaging and informative content (video, text, podcast) about your project and share it on various platforms, such as YouTube, Telegram, Instagram, and others.
- Designing: I can design attractive and professional graphics and animations for your project using tools like Canva and Photoshop.
- Video editing: I can edit and enhance your videos using tools like Premiere and After Effects.
- Community management: I can manage and moderate your Persian community on Telegram and other social media, answer questions, provide support, and organize events and activities.
- SEO and social media: I have complete knowledge of SEO and social media strategies and tools, and I can help you optimize your online presence and reach more potential users and investors.
- Connections with Persian KOLs: I have many connections with Persian key opinion leaders and influencers who can help you promote your project and increase your credibility and exposure.
- Team and studio: I have a team that helps me with all these tasks and a complete studio with great equipment, such as camera, ring light, light box, capture card, prompter, microphone, gaming PC, and a big place for working.

I have been working in the crypto industry for over 6 years, since I was 17 years old. I have worked with various crypto projects, such as Coinex exchange, Bingx, Telos blockchain, GXChain, BC Game, Gari project, Integritee, WaykiChain, and many more. You can check my portfolio website, YouTube channel, LinkedIn profile, and Telegram account for more details and examples of my work.

I am very passionate and enthusiastic about your project and I would love to work with you as a Persian ambassador and moderator. I am ready for any meeting to discuss more and plan for working with each other. Please let me know if you are interested and how we can proceed.

Thank you for your time and attention. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Best regards,
Mohammad Taghian
Persian ambassador and moderator

Portfolio website:
Instagram: + mumu_academy

my cv:

Hello and thanks for your interest in the regional moderator program! The the regional communties at Axelar are fully decentralized and community owned and run, and as such we ask for the following process to be followed: Community Pool Grants Program

Once you’ve read this over please submit your proposal in this thread following the above format and guidelines, and let us know if you’ll need help with uploading the proposal on-chain!