Community Pool Grants Program

The Axelar Network Community Pool is a gateway for paving the way for secure cross-chain communication. Grants are awarded for community initiatives and are funded by the network community pool.

Before posting a proposal on-chain, you can use the following template to get a temperature check on your proposal and collect feedback. It’s recommended that you leave the window for comments open for at least 7 days before posting an on-chain proposal.

If you’re ready to submit a request, you can use the instructions here.

Other programs:

Please see the Axelar Grants Program for other opportunities to fund medium to large-scale projects.

Examples of proposal categories

  • Community support
  • Community building
  • Educational initiatives
  • Podcasts
  • Meetups
  • Merchandise
  • Outreach management
  • Growth initiatives

:sparkles:Grant template :sparkles:

Please use the following grant template for applying for a grant.

Project Name [Name of your project]
Description [Brief description of your project in 2-3 sentences]
Date [mm/dd/yyyy]
Contact Name [Name]
Discord Username [Username]
Grant Amount [Requested grant amount in $]

Please insert your details in the following code:

|Project Name|[Name of your project]|
| --- | --- |
|Description|[Brief description of your project in 2-3 sentences]|
|Contact Name|[Name]|
|Discord Username |[Username]|
|Grant Amount|[Requested grant amount in $ or AXL]|

Project Description

[Please describe your proposal.]


[How does your project benefit the ecosystem?]

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs

[What KPIs can be used to evaluate your project?]

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline

[Please include a timeline of your project detailing all deliverables and milestones.]


[Are there any risks?]


[Why are you interested in contributing?]

Bio & Past Work

[Please include examples of relevant works.]

Please submit your proposal in the forum section Community Grants, wait for 7 days of feedback, and once you’re ready, submit an on-chain proposal.