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:writing_hand: This category is meant to host discussions around new community initiatives, ideas, translations, events, and for members to share their content.

Official Axelar Telegram channel list:

:fr: French
:tr: Turkish
:thailand: Thai
:singapore: Singapore
:kr: Korean

Community run Telegram channel list:

:ru: Russian
:es: Spanish
:vietnam: Vietnamese
:netherlands: Dutch
:it: Italian
:de: German
:azerbaijan: Azษ™rbaycan
:nigeria: Nigerian
:ukraine: Ukrainian
:brazil: Brazilian
:saudi_arabia: Arabic
:cn: Chinese
:poland: Polish

PLEASE NOTE that these are community run and moderated chats, and the views and opinions expressed in them do not necessarily reflect those of Axelar. All official announcements, updates and news will come from Axelarโ€™s main social and announcement channels.


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