BonusBlock: Axelar Explorers Program Grant Proposal

Project Name: Bonus Block: Axelar Explorers Program


BonusBlock offers projects the opportunity to directly acquire on-chain users through its marketplace and custom on-chain white-label services. By bridging high-quality users and employing AI Model Scoring for proof-of-quality, it opens up new opportunities for users to earn fees and connect with projects. This platform also allows users to gain visibility and sets a new standard in the Web3 space.

Date 16/05/2024

Contact Name Oskars Jepsis

Discord Username mrfreeman.

Grant Amount: 115,000 AXL (out of which 100,000 AXL will be distributed as program rewards)

Project Description

Dedicated user onboarding, community growth, and activation portal through Axelar’s partners. The platform will be adding and updating existing projects every week, and this initiative will run for 10 weeks with 10 largest projects.

  1. Connect and onboard users from projects that use Axelar’s extensive infra.
  2. Gamified way: each week a new task of a project where Axelar product is being used to make at least one or more transactions, collect Proof-Of-Mit + share on social media. By implementing this strategy, we aim to re-engage users from various applications, drawing them to Axelar’s ecosystem.
  3. Collection of Mints - collection of all NFTs from each week and project will give an option to participate in a reward pool.
  4. Every user will need to connect and authorize to receive announcements, newsletter, updates either via e-mail, Discord, Telegram as individual announcements.
  5. List special on-chain tasks around Axelar’s own bridge and projects. Bridge, Squad route and more. This way, more users will engage, more fees will be generated and on-chain demand will grow.
  6. Dedicated Ambassador Program for Axelar to click with the core contributors, get frequent social media exposure and activity.
  7. Leadership board
  8. Referral program for user motivation to invite more users
  9. Collaboration and support growth with all the 10 strategic projects using Axelar, so the ecosystems and communities are inclusive, gaining exposure on all fronts.


Onboarding other project ecosystem users over to Axelar by creating gamified ways of exploring how the Axelar infrastructure comes into play. This way, with collaboration, the Axelar’s ecosystem of users will grow substantially. Specializing in diverse activation for new and existing users to use the services.

Aiming to get a reward pool for a specified time period. Our approach is long-term so the user’s activation is always for a longer period of time.

The 5 pillars that are worked on are:

Community Growth

On-chain Growth



Future support

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs

On-chain exposure metrics: how many transactions, how many per day, wallet count, the most active chain total mints collected, and total on-chain activities done.

Off-chain metrics (social media, community growth): followers, interactions, impressions, likes, comments

Connectivity, number of users: how many users and wallets have been onboarded, how many referrals, total XP farmed, total tasks completed.

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline

It takes 3-4 weeks (2-3 weeks development, 1 week testing/QA)

  1. Task and Gamification Map Plan planned together with Axelar and strategic projects
  2. Front-end Design on Figma
  3. Back-end setup, database
  4. Indexers set up for multichain
  5. Verification Logic:
  • Develop verification logic for tasks and contributions
  1. Mint contract deployment:
  2. Leadership Board:
  • Develop a leadership board algorithmically presenting XP generated from missions.
  1. Referral System:
  • Implement a referral system incentivizing users to refer new users.
  • Features: Unique referral links,clear verification principles.
  • KOL impact tool and competition
  1. Social Media and Community Engagement:
  • Integrate with social media and community platforms, including special Discord integration for role and activity tracking.
  • Features: Integration with X, Discord role and activity tracking



There can be a number of risks from the on-chain part verification where the RPC node or Indexer can stop working, but to mitigate them, we check the database and the calculations of the last updates and ping them to see if the API works successfully.


The user onboarding rate is low. The mitigation event is connected with doing co-marketing and exposure with Axelar’s strategic partners, which combined millions of users from the social media side. Use the existing BonusBlock userbase for onboarding, KOL campaigns, and major exposure within different communities.


Common PortCos with Laser Digital

Presence in the Cosmos ecosystem and BonusBlock’s founders interest in growing recognition for Axelar. Also, BonusBlock will be using Axelar Bridge for native BONUS token use, and is interested in high community growth.

We’re project user growth pioneers when it comes to onboarding the on-chain user part and growing a solid ecosystem user-base. After more than a year with the product and actively building and helping companies like Injective or Xion hit major goals, it gives us more confidence in helping out Axelar, where ecosystem growth can be challenging due to the B2B infrastructure offering.

Bio & Past Work

Bio: We’re project user growth pioneers when it comes to onboarding the on-chain user part and growing a solid ecosystem user-base. After more than a year with the product and actively building and helping companies like Injective or Xion hit major goals, it gives us more confidence in helping out Axelar, where ecosystem growth can be challenging due to the B2B infrastructure offering.

About 1.7mln active user-base from more than 30+ ecosystems, ranging from DeFi to Gaming.

Founder: Oskars Jepsis

Core Contributor: Business and Product

• Experienced digital entrepreneur in TradeFi, DeFi and Data

• With more than 7+ years in entrepreneurship, project management and leadership

• Expertise in automation, innovation, customer journey improvements, software product development and sales

• Large community: over 200k X followers

• Innovation biased approach: BonusBlock is revolutionizing the crypto space by addressing a key challenge: acquiring and onboarding high-quality users. Amidst the rise of gamified quest platforms, the demand for users who are genuine and actively engaged is at an all-time high, as the industry battles against botting and mercenary behavior.

Statistics and details of the past work:

Over 4M wallet exposure with:

On-chain missions done: 4’100’124

Off-chain missions done: 5’056’350

Leaderboard all-time XP sum across all active clients, all active missions: 1’828’287’310

Our live projects:

In testnet, soon going live:


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Interlinked DAO supports the BonusBlock Axelar Explorers Program. This 10-week on-chain activity program will greatly boost activity and bring new users to the Axelar ecosystem. Additionally, the team has a solid track record of successful projects with influential partners in the space. We’d welcome and invite BonusBlock to also share the Interlinked DAO’s Axelarator program initiative with the BonusBlock community. With two months of community competitions remaining, it’s an excellent opportunity for new comers to join and connect with Axelarators.


Hi Oskars,

We (LunaNova) would like to thank BonusBlock for making this proposal.

In order for Axelar to flourish it is important to grow the user base. Therefore working with pioneers in project user growth, that have a track record and an accessible large (1.7m) user base makes sense. We are supportive of that.

How do you propose to work with the different global regions?
Will you be capitalising on the regional moderators Axelar has?

We look forward to your response and wish you well with your proposal.

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Hi there! Thanks for the question:

  1. We do have our own support and of course, this is a common effort on all sides, including us, Axelar and the partners that we will be bringing in.
  2. When you say “capitalising”, you mean getting Axelar moderators to participate and provide support on user questions? If so, we definitely are going be growing the ecosystem and moderators tend to be active on Axelar’s side.

Note that the period can be over 10 weeks: having more strategic partners who are using Axelar’s infrastructure by onboarding more projects.