Axelarators Telegram Group and Ecosystem X Account: 6-Month Program Renewal Proposal

Project Name:

Axelarators Telegram Group and Ecosystem X Account: 6-Month Program Renewal Proposal


Interlinked DAO comprises a dedicated cohort of Axelar community members and ICO participants, united by a shared conviction in the potential of interchain technologies and a steadfast commitment to Axelar’s prosperity. Our mission leverages the extensive professional expertise of our members in cryptocurrency community cultivation and engagement. We aim to empower the Axelar community to self-organize and emerge as a significant force in education about Axelar’s vision and achievements.

Date: 8 July 2024

Contact Name: Nelson

Discord Username: Nelseens

Grant Amount: 82,000 AXL (6 months, August 2024 - January 2025)

Grant Breakdown:

Approximately 38% of the rewards will be used for community engagement initiatives.

Approximately 62% of the total rewards will be used for funding Interlinked DAO for the next 6 months to run:

  • Axelar Ecosystem X Account
  • Axelarators Telegram Group

Project Description:
Our trial period will conclude successfully at the end of July, and Interlinked DAO has brought significant value to the Axelar community by achieving goals laid out in two approved community proposals, more information can be found in the Axelar community forum posts governance section ( :

  • Axelarators Community Owned Telegram Group and X (Twitter) Account Proposal / Proposal Date: February 6th
  • InterlinkedDAO: Axelar Ecosystem X/Twitter Proposal / Proposal Date: April 16th 2024

Given InterlinkedDAO’s success during our initial preliminary periods, as highlighted in the forum posts above, we aim to continue educating about Axelar and empower the Axelar community to self-organize and to increase awareness about Axelar’s significance in cross-chain communication and the interoperable future of web3… Our mission is to continue our ongoing activities, such as managing the Axelar Telegram and Ecosystem Accounts, for another 6 months.


Axelarators Telegram Group: By continuing to develop a self-organized community, more members have become engaged community members for Axelar, participating in brainstorming ideas and discussions about the future and potential improvements for both the protocol and the community itself. This engaged community voice plays a crucial role in educating others about blockchain interoperability and fostering new participation. This is especially important now, as many projects are trying to raise their community voice. It is important to educate a broader audience about cross-chain communication and Axelar technology to enhance understanding and awareness. Ensuring that community members are well-informed helps maintain a knowledgeable community presence. Interlinked DAO has a demonstrated history of nurturing an active Axelar community and has successfully presented two practical use cases. The Axelarators Telegram group has outpaced the official Telegram group in daily member engagement, and we’ve reached our milestones and KPIs.

Axelar Ecosystem Account on X:
InterlinkedDAO’s takeover of the Axelar ecosystem account has elevated the account’s quality, inherently adding value to the Axelar community and all ecosystem projects building on Axelar. Additionally, we’ve created a unique brand and style that matches Axelar’s recent rebrand, keeping messaging consistent. InterlinkedDAO has demonstrated that, without direct interaction with the Axelar team and builders, we can successfully highlight the ecosystem with completely decentralized operations. Meanwhile, the Ecosystem account has been a significant success.

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs:

Goal 1: Maintain and grow the Axelarators Telegram community.

KPIs: Achieve a membership growth of 2000 members by the end of 2024. Engage with more vocal community members to improve the quality of the Telegram participation. Continue to run and self-organize community competitions, aligning with Axelar’s roadmap, development and ongoing activities.

Goal 2: Continue to foster a community-owned Axelar Ecosystem X account that supports the Axelar ecosystem and interacts with builders and projects building on Axelars. Keep sharing valuable information about the ecosystem activities as well as top quality content for Axelar.

KPIs: Maintain activity levels as per the previous Ecosystem Account proposal: InterlinkedDAO: Axelar Ecosystem X/Twitter Proposal - #3 by interlinkeddao

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline:

We propose to continue operating both the Axelarators Telegram Group and Axelar Ecosystem X account given the success of the initial trial period. At the end of each quarter, we’ll produce a short report for both initiatives summarizing activities, feedback, and statistics.


There’s a possibility that the continuation of the Axelarators Telegram group and Twitter account may not achieve the desired level of active participation and engagement from the community. Our initial trial period they indicated that participation can be affected by individuals primarily interested in rewards rather than genuine engagement. To address this, we will ensure fair distribution of funds to engaged and active members, ensuring their contributions are meaningful and minimizing the risk of farming. Additionally, we’ve implemented tools like Guild to prevent sybils as much as possible.


We’re deeply connected with the Axelar community and are enthusiastic about continuing our contributions. Our experiences with Axelarators and the Ecosystem account have only increased our motivation to become even more key contributors to Axelar’s future.

Bio & Past Work:

Interlinked DAO has secured two community grants and successfully executed the goals and KPIs provided. Additionally, we’ve proven to be key members of Axelar’s community, contributing significantly to various initiatives. With the renewal of both programs, we expect to strengthen our relationships further and be a core part of the community.