Axelarators Community Owned Telegram Group and X (Twitter) Account Proposal



Interlinked DAO comprises a dedicated cohort of Axelar community members and ICO participants, united by a shared conviction in the potential of interchain technologies and a steadfast commitment to Axelar’s prosperity. Our mission leverages the extensive professional expertise of our members in cryptocurrency community cultivation and engagement. We aim to empower the Axelar community to self-organize and emerge as a significant force in amplifying Axelar’s vision and achievements within the broader crypto ecosystem.

DATE : 7 Feb 2024



GRANT AMOUNT: 42k AXL for Q1 and Q2, 2024 (5 months, February - June)


Nearly half of this grant (50%), representing 21k AXL, will be allocated towards fueling community initiatives, including competitions and engagement programs. The impact and outcomes of these activities will be thoroughly documented and shared at the conclusion of Q2 2024. The remaining 50% is designated for acknowledging the contributions and efforts of Interlinked DAO members in orchestrating and managing these community-driven initiatives.


Interlinked DAO proposes to invigorate the Axelar community by establishing a dedicated Telegram group and a community-owned Twitter account. The Telegram group aims to foster a space for vibrant discussions, mutual support, and enthusiasm for Axelar’s advancements, free from routine helpdesk queries. The Twitter account, entirely managed by the community, will spotlight underrepresented projects and members within the Axelar ecosystem, alongside generating original, community-driven Axelar content. This initiative will empower the community to self-organize and rally around Axelar’s latest announcements and developments.


By fostering a self-organized community that becomes a vocal advocate for Axelar, Interlinked DAO’s efforts will significantly amplify Axelar developments and enhance the ecosystem’s visibility. This empowered community voice will play a pivotal role in spreading Axelar’s message and attracting new engagement.


  • Goal 1: Develop a self-sustaining, engaged Telegram community.

  • KPIs: Achieve a membership growth to 1000 members by the end of Q2 2024.

  • Goal 2: Establish and grow a community-owned Twitter account that supports Axelar ecosystem
    projects and community initiatives.

  • KPIs: Attain 5,000 followers with consistent engagement and content creation.


February 2024: Set up the Telegram group and Twitter account, initiating community-building efforts.
February - June 2024: Implement community competitions and programs to foster engagement, continuously grow the community base, and fine-tune strategies based on ongoing feedback and KPI assessments.
June 2024: Evaluate the progress made in Q2, gathering community feedback to inform future strategies and initiatives.


Engagement Risk: There’s a possibility that the new Telegram group and Twitter account may not achieve the desired level of active participation and engagement from the community. To mitigate this, we plan to implement a series of engaging content and community incentives designed to foster active involvement.
Management Risk: Managing community-driven platforms can present challenges, particularly in maintaining consistent engagement and moderating discussions effectively. Our mitigation strategy for this risk capitalizes on the professional experience of Interlinked DAO members in successfully managing Twitter accounts and Telegram groups. Their expertise in creating engaging content, fostering positive community interactions, and ensuring a welcoming environment will be instrumental in navigating these potential challenges.


Our motivation stems from our deep-rooted connection with Axelar as long-standing community members and initial coin offering (ICO) participants.
We are driven by a shared enthusiasm for Axelar’s vision and a strong belief in its potential to shape the future of interchain communication. With our professional background in community building and nurturing within the crypto space, we are eager to leverage our skills and experiences to contribute positively to Axelar’s ecosystem. Our commitment is not just to support but to actively participate in Axelar’s journey, fostering a vibrant and engaging community that propels Axelar towards achieving its ambitious goals.


Interlinked DAO members have a proven track record in fostering large-scale community engagement, having managed communities with tens of thousands of members and significantly contributed to protocols with substantial Total Value Locked (TVL). Our expertise spans across strategic community engagement, content creation, and platform management, making us well-equipped to undertake this initiative.

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Hi, interesting proposal! In the ideal situation how do the main Telegram group and Community owned one co exist in your vision?With the main group, the builders group and the local community groups existing, it feels like yet another one would be a bit much. What kind of rules will be enforced to “keep the group free of helpdesk queries”? Isn’t that the kind of thing that sparks conversation together with announcements?

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thanks for sharing this proposal. Some questions:

  • How will you ensure the 5,000 users are not spam?

  • What is your primary channel for the giveaways/community program - i.e. will you be using platforms like Galxe?

  • How will you retain these users in the Telegram channel?

LunaNova would like to thank you for this proposal. The objectives of helping develop the Axelar community via additional social media communications are good. It would be great to capitalise on Interlinked DAO members track record in fostering large-scale community engagement.

Having a dedicated Telegram group and a community-owned Twitter account could be very advantageous.

Given your track record it would be very interesting to understand how you would use/enable the various channels to help build a cohesive community. We ask because in our experience multiple channels can easily lead to fractured and separate lines of communication with parallel discussions which sometimes cause confusion. How would you propose to ensure consistency across these different communication channels? For example would one be the authoritative lead or would you consider having “agents” to periodically summarise information?

Thank you, Rodin10, for your insightful question and for all the amazing work you do in the official Axelar Telegram group, providing top-notch technical support and keeping the community updated with the latest news. Your contributions are invaluable.

Regarding your question, we envision the main Telegram group and the community-owned one coexisting in a complementary manner. The main group, has been exceptional in addressing technical queries and disseminating official announcements. We believe there’s room for a community-led Telegram chat group where members can engage in discussions about topics that matter to them personally and professionally within the Axelar ecosystem, akin to the “INJ Ninjas” group alongside the official Injective Protocol group. This setup has proven to thrive and add value to the community by fostering a more informal space for interaction.

To clarify, we do not plan to enforce strict rules against technical queries in the community-led group. Instead, we aim to cultivate an environment where the conversation naturally gravitates towards community engagement, project brainstorming, and broader ecosystem discussions, while technical support and official updates remain the forte of the main Axelar group. We hope for both unofficial and official group admins to collaborate closely.

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Thank you for your questions, RN01. Ensuring the quality of our community members, especially on platforms like Twitter, is paramount to us. To address your concern about spam followers, we plan to acquire the 5,000 Twitter followers through various initiatives that encourage genuine engagement. These include collaborations with projects building within the Axelar ecosystem and the official Axelar accounts. Our focus will be on original content creation about Axelar and fostering collaborations that bring value to the community.

Regarding the primary channel for giveaways and community programs, we are open to exploring multiple avenues. Our goal is to distribute rewards in a way that incentivizes genuine, long-term participation in the Axelar community. This means a significant portion of the rewards will be directed towards activities that encourage content creation and sustained engagement, rather than one-off participations. We are considering various platforms, with an emphasis on flexibility and effectiveness in reaching our community engagement goals.

To retain users in the Telegram channel, our strategy revolves around rewarding long-term participation. We believe that by creating a vibrant community space that offers value beyond immediate rewards, such as engaging discussions, access to exclusive AMAs, and opportunities for collaboration, we can encourage members to stay active and involved over the long term.

Mike, thank you for raising a very pertinent point regarding the potential for fragmented communication across multiple channels. We share your concern about maintaining cohesion within the community and ensuring that the introduction of additional channels enhances rather than dilutes the quality of community interactions.

Our approach to ensuring consistency across different communication channels involves a close alignment between the community-led Telegram group and the official Axelar Telegram group. We anticipate a significant overlap in membership between the two, with the official group continuing to serve as the primary source for the latest news and technical support, and the community-led group fostering more casual chats, discussions, and community hangouts.

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Dear Fellow Axelar Community Members :robot:

Since sharing our initial proposal, we’ve been overwhelmed by the positive feedback and constructive discussions that have emerged within our vibrant community. Your enthusiasm and support have been truly inspiring, and it has prompted us to think even more ambitiously about the potential of our community-driven initiatives.

In light of the valuable input received and the exciting ideas that have surfaced, we’ve taken a moment to reassess our strategy for the next five months. Our goal has always been to foster a robust and engaged community around Axelar, one that not only supports but actively contributes to the ecosystem’s growth and visibility.

To achieve this, we believe it’s crucial to provide ample opportunities for community involvement, recognition, and reward. Therefore, we propose to revise the initially requested grant amount from 42k AXL to 74,800 AXL for the period covering Q1 and Q2 of 2024.

This adjustment in the grant amount will enable us to significantly enhance our community engagement efforts. Specifically, we are now allocating 69% of the total grant, representing 52,300 AXL, directly towards community initiatives. This includes a wider range of competitions, engagement programs, and creative collaborations, all designed to enrich our community’s experience and involvement.

An essential aspect of our revised proposal is our commitment to transparency in the distribution of rewards. We pledge that all rewards will be distributed transparently on-chain, ensuring that every member of our community can see the flow of funds and participate in a trustless and verifiable manner. This approach not only reinforces our dedication to accountability but also aligns with the core principles of decentralization and transparency that are fundamental to the blockchain ethos.

The decision to request additional funding was not made lightly. We firmly believe that with this revised budget, we can more effectively lay the groundwork for robust community structures that will serve Axelar well into the future. Five months is a substantial period, and with the additional resources, we are confident in our ability to distribute rewards thoughtfully and impactfully across both the proposed Telegram group and Twitter account.

Together, we have a fantastic opportunity to build something truly special within the Axelar ecosystem. Let’s give it the best possible foundation to thrive.

Thank you for your continued support and belief in our project.

Interlinked DAO :robot:

I don’t see why Axelar needs such a community.
Why would they convert to users? Why does Axelar need “engagement”?

We aim to empower the Axelar community to self-organize and emerge as a significant force in amplifying Axelar’s vision and achievements

This is empty words to my hears.

Overall this looks to me like a way to extract value from the fund with no added benefits.