Axelar Regional Moderators | Master Proposal February - July

Productivity month of March:

Messages sent (conversations in the CosmosHUB_ES group are not counted): 1972 messages

Posts translated on Twitter: 126

Posts sent to the community of Telegram: Contact @Axelar_ES and ALL

Also posted on https://Twitter/CosmosHUB_ES: 22

Telegram Community members: 716

Twitter Followers 487

Community incentives:

We haven’t received the February community incentives yet so we have 1500 $AXL pending from the previous month, we have also done some Giveaways with the community and on Twitter this month, due to the success of the previous month we have also done another raffle of 1000 $AXL for 10 winners in a staking campaign for 7 days, the last one was a success with more than 5300 $AXL staked during the activity, also we have had several winners in 2 giveaways of 50 $AXL for the best questions in the AMAs made for the community, one of them in writing.

We are expecting a total of 2640 $AXL to bring all community incentive payments up to date.

Additional Expenses: Twitter Premium: 20 $AXL.

Also as you can see in the image below we have been continuously filtering and cleaning the group of bots and scammers to keep the community safe and family friendly. More than 3193 bots banned to date:

We hosted the quiz event for community engagement.
1500 AXL were given to 5 quizz winners (300AXL each)
(previously 500 AXL was used for coffee gift giveway in January)