Axelar Latam Community

I want to express my gratitude for your response once again. It’s clear that our dedication lies in the ongoing support of the Axelar Hispanic community; there’s no doubt about that. Our proposal is designed to extend this support by providing an avenue for the creation of additional Spanish-speaking communities. After all, protocols are inherently built upon the foundation of diverse communities.

It’s essential not to overlook the potential interests of community members who might aspire to establish entities like the Axelar Argentina, Axelar Mexico, or Axelar Colombia communities, right? If someone were to express this desire, should we really be discouraging them? I had assumed that you would be more aligned with this proposal, rather than advocating for a centralized community approach.

In essence, I strongly believe that our role is to establish a robust framework that fosters the independent growth of the community. It’s with this core objective in mind that we are putting forth this proposal.

As for the protocols we’ve collaborated with, as mentioned earlier, you’re welcome to join their Spanish-speaking or Latin American channels. Feel free to inquire about Colledge or myself, and you’ll receive a warm response.

Together, let’s join forces to empower the creation of a multitude of Spanish-speaking communities. Our shared goal is to propel the utilization and adoption of Axelar to greater heights.

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It is not a question of centralization, on the contrary, the idea is that all the information reaches everyone in one place so that no one misses anything about the ecosystem, that is why I invite you to actively participate and share all your work in the Axelar Hispana community as well as in the community where we can reach everyone easily and share about this wonderful ecosystem, we can give you access if you approve your proposal to the local media with administrator privileges so you can comfortably work your services with Axelar and the Hispanic community.