Axelar Latam Community


We are excited to introduce the Axelar LATAM community, a regional initiative aimed at creating awareness about the Axelar Network. Our goal is to onboard developers, users, and experts to engage in discussions about cross-chain technologies and their applications within the Latin American ecosystem. This community-building effort will be led by Colledge, a renowned web3 academy dedicated to creating educational content on blockchain and web3 technologies, as well as supporting Latin American communities.

At Colledge, we have successfully collaborated with various protocols such as Celo, Internet Computer, Avalanche, Conflux, Algorand, Aztec Protocol, among others. Leveraging our experience and expertise, we will spearhead the development of the Axelar Latam Community. To ensure its success, we will enlist the support of two part-time community builders, based in Mexico and Argentina respectively. These countries have been particularly active in the realm of Crypto and Blockchain events, making them ideal locations for community engagement.

Through this initiative, our primary objective is to cultivate a vibrant community of developers, startups, and blockchain enthusiasts. By fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing, we aim to accelerate the growth and adoption of Axelar in LATAM.

Join us in this exciting journey as we bridge the gap between cross-chain technologies and the Latin American market. Together, we can pave the way for innovation and advancement within the blockchain industry.

Date : 2023-07-20T00:00:00Z→2024-01-20T00:00:00Z
Contact Name : Cristobal Pereira | Colledge
Discord Username : cristpereirag

Grant Amount : $20,065
Requested grant amount in AXL - 51.500 (Rate: 0.3896 USD/AXL based on an average of 7 days
rate, calculation based on Coinmarketcap rates)

Establish and grow the Axelar LATAM Community primarily in Mexico and Argentina, with a focus on educating and engaging individuals about the Axelar Network’s technology and fostering a vibrant ecosystem.

Key Objectives:

  • Educate and build a strong community in Latin America, primarily in Mexico and Argentina, about the technology behind the Axelar Network.
  • Onboard new learners and users into the Axelar Ecosystem, providing guidance and support for seamless integration.
  • Provide up-to-date information, news, and updates about the Axelar Network through official Latin American community accounts on platforms such as Twitter, Medium, and Telegram.
  • Support an active community through dedicated Telegram and Discord channels, encouraging discussions and facilitating collaboration.
  • Organize local meetups and events in Mexico and Argentina to onboard and engage the community with the Axelar Network.
  • Provide Spanish educational resources, including tutorials, guides, and translations, to enhance accessibility and facilitate learning within the Axelar Network.
  • Contribute to knowledge acquisition about Axelar Network’s features through research, experiments, and case studies.
  • Build the Axelar LATAM Community program up to December 2023, aiming to achieve a membership of 1000 individuals in our Telegram group by the end of the year.


  1. Local Meetups: In Mexico and Argentina, we will organize local meetups as well as participate in meetups hosted by other communities. These meetups serve as valuable platforms to create awareness about the Axelar Network. They provide opportunities for face-to-face interactions, presentations, workshops, and discussions related to Axelar’s technology. By engaging with local communities, we aim to foster relationships, share knowledge, and showcase the benefits and use cases of Axelar.

  2. Axelar Ambassador Program: We will establish an ambassador program to engage individuals from countries other than Mexico and Argentina. These ambassadors will represent their respective local communities within the Axelar LATAM Community. They will act as advocates, spreading awareness about Axelar, organizing local events, and facilitating communication between their community and the broader Axelar network. This program aims to foster global participation, collaboration, and diversity within the community.

  3. Twitter Spaces: Twitter Spaces are audio-based conversations that allow users to participate and listen to discussions in real-time. We will organize Twitter Spaces sessions with both users and founders of Axelar to provide a platform for in-depth discussions about Axelar’s technology, its applications, and the future vision of the project. These sessions will enable direct interaction with the community, addressing questions, sharing insights, and generating excitement and engagement around Axelar.

  4. Challenges: Within the Telegram community, we will organize challenges to encourage participation and knowledge sharing. These challenges can range from coding challenges to creative contests or problem-solving exercises related to Axelar’s technology. The challenges will aim to engage community members, promote learning, and reward participants for their contributions. By organizing challenges, we create a dynamic and interactive environment that fosters active engagement and enhances the overall experience within the community.

  5. Webinars and Online Workshops: Conduct webinars and online workshops to reach a wider audience and provide in-depth educational sessions on various aspects of Axelar’s technology. These virtual events can cover topics such as cross-chain interoperability, decentralized finance (DeFi), and use cases specific to Latin America. They offer a convenient way for participants to learn and interact remotely.

  6. Content Creation: Develop high-quality content such as blog posts, tutorials, and educational videos to provide ongoing educational resources for the community. Cover topics ranging from technical aspects of Axelar’s technology to real-world use cases and adoption stories. Distribute this content through various channels, including social media, newsletters, and community forums.

  7. Partnerships and Collaborations: Seek partnerships with local organizations, universities, and blockchain communities in Latin America to amplify the reach and impact of the Axelar LATAM Community. Collaborate on joint events, knowledge-sharing initiatives, and cross-promotion to tap into existing networks and expand the community’s influence.

  8. AMA (Ask Me Anything) Sessions: Host AMA sessions on platforms like Reddit, Telegram, or other community forums. Invite the Axelar team, developers, or industry experts to answer community questions, provide updates, and address concerns directly. This facilitates transparency, fosters trust, and strengthens the relationship between the project and the community.

  9. Cross-Promotion with Other Projects: Collaborate with other blockchain projects and communities to cross-promote each other’s initiatives and expand the reach of both projects. This can involve joint events, content sharing, or co-marketing efforts to leverage the combined networks and create mutually beneficial partnerships.


  • The Axelar LATAM community aims to create an active and robust ecosystem that contributes to the growth and adoption of the Axelar Network while promoting cross-chain technologies. This initiative will have the following impacts:

  • Educational Content in Spanish: By creating open and accessible educational content in Spanish, we will enable broader participation and understanding within the community. This will empower potential builders, users, developers, and entrepreneurs by providing them with the necessary knowledge and resources.

  • Awareness and Knowledge Promotion: Through local meetups, we will raise awareness and promote understanding of the infrastructure, features, and cross-chain tools offered by the Axelar Network. These events will facilitate knowledge exchange, networking, and collaboration among participants.

  • Builder Community Program: Over a period of six months, we will establish a strong builder community program in key markets of LATAM, including Mexico, Argentina, and other countries. Our goal is to reach a minimum of 1,000 members on both Telegram and Twitter. This initiative will empower builders, attract users, and foster a thriving ecosystem for cross-chain technology adoption.

  • Exchange of Knowledge and Ideas: By bringing together builders, successful cross-chain dApps, experts, and multi-chain enthusiasts, our community will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas. This collaboration will advance cross-chain technology and its applications on the Axelar Network, contributing to its overall development.

  • Axelar Ambassador Program: The Axelar Ambassador program will establish a strong community of members dedicated to the growth and adoption of the Axelar Network in Latin America. Ambassadors will serve as the primary point of contact for interested developers seeking to connect with the Axelar Network. Their involvement will have an immediate and long-lasting impact on the ecosystem, facilitating partnerships and driving adoption.

  • Through these collective efforts, the Axelar LATAM community will create a dynamic environment that fosters learning, collaboration, and the widespread adoption of cross-chain technologies in Latin America

Goals & Milestones & KPIs

  • Goal 1: 1,000 members in Telegram group

    • Milestone 1: Reach 500 members in the Telegram group within the first 3 months.
    • Milestone 2: Reach 1,000 members in the Telegram group within 6 months.
    • KPI: Number of members in the Telegram group.
  • Goal 2: 1,000 followers on Twitter

    • Milestone 1: Reach 500 followers on Twitter within the first 3 months.
    • Milestone 2: Reach 1,000 followers on Twitter within 6 months.
    • KPI: Number of followers on Twitter.
  • Goal 3: +4 Local meetups and +120 attendees total

    • Milestone 1:
      • Organize 2 local meetups within the first 3 months, with a total of 60 attendees.
      • Participate in at least 1 local meetup as a partner.
    • Milestone 2:
      • Organize an additional 2 local meetups within the next 3 months, reaching a total of 120 attendees.
      • Participate in at least 2 local meetups as partner
    • KPI: Number of local meetups organized and total number of attendees.
  • Goal 4: +4 Axelar Ambassadors

    • Milestone 1: Recruit and onboard 1 Axelar Ambassadors within the first 3 months.
    • Milestone 2: Recruit and onboard an additional 3 Axelar Ambassadors within the next 3 months, reaching a total of 4 Ambassadors.
    • KPI: Number of Axelar Ambassadors recruited and onboarded.
  • Goal 6: +20 guides, tutorials, and blog posts in Spanish

    • Milestone 1: Publish 10 guides, tutorials, and blog posts in Spanish within the first 3 months.
    • Milestone 2: Publish an additional 10 guides, tutorials, and blog posts in Spanish within the next 3 months, reaching a total of 20.
    • KPI: Number of guides, tutorials, and blog posts published in Spanish.
  • Goal 7: +10 virtual activities (webinars, Twitter Spaces, AMA)

    • Milestone 1: Organize 5 virtual activities (webinars, Twitter Spaces, AMA) within the first 3 months.
    • Milestone 2: Organize an additional 5 virtual activities within the next 3 months, reaching a total of 10.
    • KPI: Number of virtual activities organized.

These goals, milestones, and KPIs will help us track the progress and success of our proposal.

Deliverables, Milestones & Timeline

Building a thriving and active Latin American community dedicated to Axelar’s cross-chain technology. Our mission is to foster understanding, engagement, and adoption of Axelar in the region. Through daily content translation, comprehensive tutorials, and strategic campaigns, we aim to empower our community with the knowledge and resources needed to explore Axelar’s technology, applications, and ecosystem. With a target of +1,000 members across various platforms, including Telegram and Twitter, we invite you to join us on this exciting journey of growth and innovation in Latin America.


  • Setting up Spanish Social Networks (Twitter, Medium and Telegram):
    • Establish official Twitter, Telegram and Medium accounts in Spanish for the Axelar LATAM Community.
    • Customize the profiles and ensure consistent branding.
  • Translate content from the main account to be published every day (at least 1 post per day):
    • Regularly translate and publish content from the main Axelar account to the Spanish social media accounts.
    • Ensure a diverse range of content, including news, updates, educational material, and community highlights.
  • Maintain active community engagement in channels through community leaders:
    • Appoint and empower community leaders to actively engage with the community on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord.
    • Encourage discussions, address questions and concerns, and foster a supportive and interactive environment.
  • Recording of 4 tutorials:
    • Create and record four comprehensive tutorials in Spanish that cover different aspects of the Axelar Network.
    • These tutorials should provide step-by-step guidance on using the network and highlight its key features and benefits.
  • Create 4 strategic campaigns with the Axelar Community Manager to grow followers:
    • Collaborate with the Axelar Community Manager to design and execute four strategic campaigns aimed at increasing followers on social media platforms.
    • These campaigns can involve giveaways, contests, incentives, or partnerships to attract new followers and engage the existing community.
  • Coordinate at least 2 Twitter Spaces with the Axelar Spanish Community per month:
    • Organize and facilitate three Twitter Spaces sessions every month, bringing together the Axelar Spanish Community to discuss various topics related to the network.
    • Invite guest speakers, founders, or experts to share insights and interact with the community during these live audio discussions.
  • Translate 4 documents from the Community, monthly:
    • Translate four important documents, such as whitepapers, technical specifications, or project updates, from the Axelar Community into Spanish.
    • Ensure accurate translations to enable the Spanish-speaking community to access and understand essential information about Axelar.
  • Maintain constant and fluid community activity in Telegram, Twitter, and Discord accounts:
    • Regularly post updates, news, announcements, and engage with the community on the Telegram, Twitter, and Discord channels.
    • Respond promptly to community inquiries, provide support, and encourage participation in discussions and activities.

By delivering on these objectives, you will establish a strong online presence, engage with the community in their native language, provide valuable resources, and ensure a vibrant and active Axelar LATAM Community.

Milestone 1: Preparation and launch of Axelar LATAM Community

Duration: month1


  • Set up Spanish social media accounts: Create dedicated Twitter, Telegram and Medium accounts in Spanish for the Axelar LATAM Community. Customize the profiles with relevant information and branding elements.
  • Weekly content translation and publication: Begin the process of translating and publishing content from the main Axelar account to the Spanish social media accounts. Aim to publish at least one posts per day, covering a variety of topics related to Axelar’s technology, use cases, and ecosystem.
  • Appoint community leaders: Identify and appoint community leaders who will actively engage with the community on Telegram, Twitter, and Discord platforms. These leaders will play a crucial role in fostering discussions, answering questions, and facilitating a positive and inclusive community environment.
  • Publish the first comprehensive tutorial: Create and publish the first comprehensive tutorial in Spanish, focusing on a specific aspect of Axelar’s technology or a relevant use case. This tutorial should provide clear and detailed instructions, helping community members understand and utilize Axelar effectively.
  • Initiate the first strategic campaign: Collaborate with the Axelar Community Manager to plan and launch the first strategic campaign aimed at increasing the community’s followers and engagement. This campaign could involve incentives, giveaways, or contests to attract and incentivize participation.
  • By reaching these milestones in the first month, we will lay the foundation for a vibrant Axelar LATAM Community, establishing our presence on social media, providing valuable content, engaging community leaders, and initiating efforts to grow our community and foster engagement.

Milestone 2: Launching Axelar LATAM Community

Duration: month 2-3


  • Launching online activities: Initiate online activities such as Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions, Twitter Spaces discussions, and other interactive events to engage the community. These activities will provide opportunities for community members to ask questions, share insights, and connect with key stakeholders.
  • Organize two local meetups: Plan and host two local meetups in targeted locations within Latin America. These meetups will bring together enthusiasts, developers, and industry experts to discuss Axelar’s technology, showcase its applications, and foster networking opportunities.
  • Participate as a partner in two local meetups: Collaborate with existing local meetups focused on blockchain or related technologies as a strategic partner. This partnership will allow us to enhance our presence, contribute to the discussions, and establish connections with like-minded individuals and organizations.
  • Launch Axelar Ambassador program: Roll out the Axelar Ambassador program, inviting individuals from various countries within Latin America to represent their local communities within the Axelar LATAM Community. Ambassadors will act as advocates, organizing local events, facilitating communication, and driving engagement.
  • Translation of guides and tutorials: Continuously translate and publish additional guides, tutorials, and educational content in Spanish. These resources will provide comprehensive information about Axelar’s technology, features, and applications, catering to the specific needs of the Latin American community.
  • By achieving these milestones during months 2 and 3, we will enhance community engagement through online activities, establish a physical presence through local meetups, foster partnerships, and expand the reach of Axelar’s educational resources through translation efforts. These initiatives will contribute to the growth and adoption of Axelar within the Latin American region.

Milestone 3: Growing Axelar LATAM Community

Duration: month 4-6


  • Expand the community for more countries: Extend the reach of the Axelar LATAM Community by actively engaging with individuals and communities in countries such as Chile, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Ecuador. Foster relationships, facilitate knowledge sharing, and promote Axelar’s technology and ecosystem in these regions.
  • Continue organizing local meetups: Maintain the momentum of local meetups in targeted locations and communities within Latin America. These events will serve as valuable platforms for networking, knowledge exchange, and showcasing Axelar’s advancements.
  • Participate in different meetups and events as partners: Collaborate with a diverse range of blockchain and technology-focused meetups and events as partners. Participating in these events will allow us to contribute to the discussions, share insights, and expand our network of collaborators and supporters.
  • Consolidate the Axelar Ambassador Program: Strengthen the Axelar Ambassador Program by providing ongoing support, resources, and opportunities for ambassadors to engage with their respective communities. Nurture their growth, facilitate knowledge sharing, and recognize their contributions to the Axelar LATAM Community.
  • Organize webinars and workshops: Conduct webinars and workshops to educate and engage the community further. Cover topics such as technical deep dives, use case discussions, and industry trends related to Axelar’s technology and cross-chain applications. These online events will enable broader participation and knowledge dissemination.
  • By achieving these milestones in months 4-6, we will expand our community presence in additional countries, continue fostering engagement through local meetups, establish strategic partnerships, further empower our ambassadors, and provide valuable educational opportunities through webinars and workshops. This will contribute to the continued growth and adoption of Axelar in Latin America.


Limited Community Engagement: There is a risk that the community may not engage actively or grow as expected. This could be due to a lack of interest, competing initiatives, or insufficient outreach efforts. To mitigate this risk, it’s crucial to develop engaging content, provide continuous community support, and actively promote the benefits and value of participating in the Axelar LATAM Community.

Language and Cultural Barriers: Language and cultural differences within the Latin American region may pose challenges in effectively communicating and connecting with the target audience. It’s important to ensure that translations are accurate and culturally appropriate and to actively seek feedback from the community to address any language-related concerns.

Technical Challenges: The adoption of cross-chain technologies can be complex, and there may be technical challenges or limitations encountered by developers and users. Providing comprehensive documentation, tutorials, and support channels will help address these challenges and ensure a smooth user experience.

Regulatory and Legal Considerations: The evolving regulatory landscape in Latin America surrounding cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies may pose compliance risks. It’s crucial to stay updated on local regulations and work with legal advisors to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations in each targeted country.

Competition and Market Dynamics: The blockchain and cryptocurrency space is highly competitive, with various projects vying for attention and adoption. There is a risk of facing strong competition from other projects targeting the Latin American market. To address this, it’s important to differentiate Axelar by highlighting its unique features, use cases, and the value it brings to the community.

To mitigate these risks, it’s essential to conduct thorough market research, maintain open communication with the community, continuously adapt and improve strategies based on feedback and data, and foster strong partnerships with local organizations and influencers. By staying proactive and responsive to the challenges that arise, the Axelar LATAM Community program can navigate risks effectively and drive its goals toward success.

We are also planning to implement a strong communication strategy through our media partners such as Cointelegraph, BeInCrypto, among others to announce the launching of the Axelar Spanish Community.

Also by implementing several call-to-action initiatives, due to our experience working with Avalanche, Celo, and other protocols to raise awareness of its network, and technology and support the development of community in Spanish. As well by leveraging our current community of more than 8k students from Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Colombia, and Venezuela. as well as our partners such as Last but not least we consider the achievement of this program because of the collaboration of our partners in LATAM such as SEED Latam, ETH Mexico, Get on Board, Angel Hack, ETHLatam, Geek Girls LATAM, L2 en Español, among other communities.


Learning and Education: Participants may be motivated by the opportunity to expand their knowledge and understanding of cross-chain technologies, blockchain, and decentralized finance (DeFi). They can gain insights into Axelar’s unique features, use cases, and the broader ecosystem, which can contribute to their personal and professional growth.

Collaboration and Networking: The community provides a platform for collaboration and networking with like-minded individuals, developers, entrepreneurs, and experts in the field. Participants can engage in discussions, share ideas, and form valuable connections that may lead to potential partnerships, projects, and career opportunities.

Influence and Leadership: Being part of the community allows individuals to have a voice and contribute to shaping the direction and development of the Axelar Network in Latin America. They can actively participate in decision-making processes, provide feedback, and influence the evolution of cross-chain technologies in the region.

Early Adoption Opportunities: Participants may be motivated by the potential for early access to innovative projects and opportunities within the Axelar ecosystem. They can gain an advantage by staying informed about new developments, exploring early partnerships, and leveraging the technology for their own projects and initiatives.

Community Recognition and Rewards: Active community members who contribute significantly can gain recognition and rewards for their efforts. This can include incentives such as tokens, access to exclusive events, ambassadorship opportunities, or other forms of recognition that acknowledge their contributions to the growth and success of the Axelar LATAM Community.

Impact and Advancement of the Ecosystem: Motivated participants may see the opportunity to contribute to the growth and advancement of the blockchain ecosystem in Latin America. By actively engaging with the community, they can help foster adoption, drive innovation, and create opportunities for economic empowerment and financial inclusion within the region.

Overall, the Axelar LATAM Community program offers participants the chance to learn, collaborate, network, influence, and be at the forefront of cross-chain technologies. By participating, individuals can be part of a dynamic and innovative community that is shaping the future of blockchain technology in Latin America.

Bio & Past Work

We have been working since 2019 on the development of an educational ecosystem in Latin America. Currently we have a base of more than 8k enrolled students in our 4 academic verticals, such as: Investment, legal tech, business and programming. This has led us to work with different protocols and with different objectives. We work with Avalanche to raise awareness of its network in, technology and support the development of the Hispanic community. We work with Celo and ICP to create courses, workshops and support the development of applications through a business incubator. We work with Conflux and Algorand in the development of courses and regional hackathons.

Colledge website

This is our team:

I’m Cristóbal Pereira, co-founder and CEO of Colledge. I’m from Chile. I’m involved in Latin America ecosystem since 2015. We organize Blockchain Summit Latam since 2018. I have been listed as one of the most influential people in Latin America.

Antonio Lopez CTO: I am from Venezuela. I love web application development. I’m self-taught and have learned many programming languages. I have lived in different countries.

Paulina Espinoza, Academic Manager: I’m from México. I’m an Educational technology specialist. At this moment. I love teaching but at the same time impacting people.

Ricardo Vera, Sales Manager: My profession is a lawyer but I find myself enjoying the world of sales on Blockchain.

Alejandra Pacheco, Partners & Incubator Manager: I’m from Mexico. Building Web3 community since 2019. Blockchain content translator.

Cristian Velez, Front-End Developer: I am from Colombia, I specialize in front-end development. I have learned and fallen in love with crypto and web3. I think it will really have tremendous potential for the region.

Alexander Alvarado, Back-End Developer: I’m from Mexico. PhD in Computer Science, Experience as Web and Mobile developer, at this moment I’m learning and applying web3.

Amelia Arias, Operations Manager: I’m from Colombia but live in Argentina. Background in treasury and cryptocurrency exchange.

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Hello everyone,

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Alejandra, and I’m thrilled to be joining this vibrant community. As a blockchain enthusiast and passionate advocate for community building. I have a diverse background in community management and engagement. I’ve had the privilege of organizing and leading various initiatives focused on fostering collaboration, organizing meetups, and facilitating educational workshops.
I’m eager to learn from your experiences, share my own perspectives, and work together towards unlocking the true potential of blockchain technology in LATAM and beyond.

Ale :smiley:

Here are some relevant links that we could add, related to Colledge.

Youtube: Somos Colledge - YouTube

We are already translating som twitter post into Spanish!

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Thank you for your detailed proposal!

Just so you know, I moved the post to the proper sub-category → #community grants

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Thank you! I didn’t see this :slight_smile:

Thank you for your proposal. It is vital to Axelar’s success that there is global adoption and as such the proposal to establish and grow the Latin-American community is very welcome. Spanish is the world’s 2nd most spoken native language with about 550 million speakers globally, so catering to this demographic is important.

Despite some repetition in the wording of the proposal and absence of as clear a business case as we would like, we can see that you have experience of doing work like this and a real presence in Latin America. Therefore, as far as we can establish you are in a very good position to actually deliver the project.

We like the multi-pronged attack involving meets, educational material, establishing an on-line social media presence and the cultivation of partners and ambassadors. Your deliverables statements, such as number of Twitter and Telegram users for example, would enable us to measure progress. How would you ensure that these consist of genuine users and not bot accounts?

Driven by the need for Axelar to have effective growth AND do this efficiently we question whether there is merit in positioning this as a multi-stage piece of work where funding is released based on performance rather than commit to all milestones up front? This could be a more efficient use of foundation funds, as it would mean paying out less AXL tokens if the AXL price increased between milestones (although the inverse is also a possibility).

Naturally we would value the opinion of other members of the community on your proposal, which we certainly need before this could be voted on.


Thank you, Mike, for your valuable comments and questions. They provide us with the opportunity to expand on our proposal for the community.

Regarding the measurement of followers on Twitter, we can employ various tools available on the internet to analyze our followers and gather relevant metrics. One such tool is, which can help us determine the percentage of potential bot accounts among our followers. Additionally, for our Telegram channel, our moderators will diligently work to ensure that bots are promptly identified and prevented from being part of our community.

As for the second part, we completely agree with your suggestion. Implementing a multi-stage approach where funding is released upon the successful completion of specific milestones is a sound strategy. This will allow us to align the distribution of funds with actual progress and deliverables achieved in each stage. When it comes to receiving AXL tokens, we will do so at the exchange rate prevailing at the moment of delivering the milestones, ensuring fairness and accuracy.

Thank you once again for your valuable input, and we are committed to transparency, efficiency, and genuine community growth throughout this endeavor. If you have any further questions or suggestions, please feel free to share them with us.

Thank you for a prompt and positive response to the feedback from LunaNova. Of itself this gives us confidence that you will work constructively with members of the Axelar global community, a really useful strength.

We are pleased about the awareness of how bot accounts can skew an understanding of true social-media reach and like your approach to using TwitterAudit, their Follower Analytics tool will provide key macro statistics about followers which would be a useful adjunct to measures of your progress for yours and the community’s benefit.

Thank you too for acknowledging the benefit of progressive release of funding dependent on measured progress. Whether this can be achieved for your project and the mechanism for doing it implemented is a subject we look forward to being explored by the community.

We wish you well with your project.


Thanks for the positive feedback! We are really excited about this proposal and wish to have a positive voting :slight_smile:

Anything else that I can help you, let me know.

Hello, thanks for this proposal exactly what is needed for Axelar more awareness and adoption.

I had a query about those content that will be created and the sessions, how are they trained in axelar have they created dapps or attended sessions.

Our best wishes

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Hi! Thanks for your question!

At Colledge, we take great pride in our community of dedicated members and knowledgeable instructors. Our content creation process and training sessions are meticulously designed to ensure a comprehensive understanding of Axelar’s technology and its various use cases.

Our instructors are well-versed in the intricacies of Axelar and have extensive experience in the blockchain space. They bring a wealth of knowledge to our sessions, enabling participants to grasp complex concepts with ease.

Additionally, we encourage our community members to actively engage with the Axelar ecosystem. Many have taken part in webinars and spaces, further enriching their understanding of the platform and its applications.

If you have any specific queries or need guidance on particular aspects, our community and instructors are more than willing to assist. We believe in fostering an environment where learning and exploration go hand in hand, enabling individuals to excel in their blockchain journey.


thanks for the detailed breakdown.

since this is a long dated grand with many milestones would you be open to have the grant split up to each milestone?
Given the proposal depends on multiple stages and has many moving parts over a timeline of around 6 months, I believe it would be more beneficial to have a multi stage grant where you can post and reapply after each milestone? maybe split it into 3 on a bimonthly basis?

On another note, Rekt Gang has a great LATAM Community and would be happy to assist in the twitter spaces.

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agree on the multistage approach to the grant.

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Hi Xulian! Absolutely, we completely agree with the idea of splitting the grant into milestones, and we have already accepted this approach. As part of our proposal, we will present a breakdown of milestones on a monthly basis, aligning with our monthly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Moreover, we are enthusiastic about collaborating with Rekt Gang and integrating them into any spaces that we can manage within the Latin America ecosystem. Your support and engagement are highly valued and appreciated. Together, we can foster a thriving and dynamic blockchain community in the region.


What about the actual official community of and Telegram: Contact @AxelarNetwork_ES do you plans to directo collaborate to the Spanish LATAM community official?

Medium: @axelar.spanish

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Hello there!

Absolutely, we’re thrilled to collaborate closely with the Axelar Spanish Community. It’s worth noting that despite sharing the same language, there can be distinct linguistic nuances between Spain and various Latin American countries – quite amusing, isn’t it?

Another important consideration is the disparity in time zones. Hosting events like meetups, spaces, and live sessions in the Latin American afternoon might be ideal for our audience, but it could translate to a late time for our friends in the European Time Zone.

To put things in perspective, there’s a 3-hour difference between Argentina and Mexico, which adds an extra layer of complexity to our planning.

Let’s embrace these challenges creatively and make our collaboration a harmonious success!

I understand your motivation. But our community does not make distinctions with these Hispanic regions, what’s more, most of the users are from Latin America, I think it is important to take this into account since there is already an official Hispanic community that we can all support if we collaborate. In addition, my team also consists of members from Latin America who manage the news and answer all questions 24/7. I think the focus of your proposal is interesting, but it could be made more focused on growing and adding value to the already existing community by expanding throughout Latin America, the events as well, I think they can be covered with individual proposals, for a better administration of resources.

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I appreciate your message and would also like to extend my congratulations on the accomplishments you’ve achieved with the Hispanic community you’ve established. While fully embracing the philosophy of decentralization, I believe that diverse Spanish-speaking communities can coexist harmoniously, particularly in light of the earlier points that were raised.

That being said, we are enthusiastic about the prospect of collaboration from our end. What we are proposing mirrors a model that we’ve already successfully employed with other projects like Avalanche, Celo, Conflux, Algorand, and more. Our approach centers around hosting in-person events and fostering smaller communities in countries that we deem strategically significant for Axelar’s presence within Latin America.

The essence of this proposal isn’t solely centered around providing support for existing endeavors; it’s about actively contributing to the expansion of the Axelar community in Latin America. We intend to do this by following a playbook that we’ve already applied to other impactful projects within the realm of web3. It’s worth highlighting that we also play a role as organizers of the Blockchain Latam Summit, thus affording us an array of valuable connections throughout the region.

Finally, we strongly believe that by collaborating together, we can significantly accelerate the growth of the Axelar Hispanic Community both in Hispanic America and Spain.

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As I told you, I think that the approach is not to make distinctions between different Hispanic regions of the world, the Spanish-LATAM speaking community must be international and in turn, this proposal should support the existing community of Axelar network Hispanic, It is important to emphasize that any activity about Axelar and information that you want to share about his work in Latin America will be welcome, we can even give you privileges in the administration if the Government of Axelar and the foundation approve it, the community has existed for more than a year, since Axelar was born and we must support all Latinos who are already in it so that they get to know about its activities and events when they run them. Could you please send us examples, with the links to the Hispanic communities that you have created previously for other projects? How do you mention in your proposal, its age and current number of users, objectives achieved, and examples?

I insist, that the request for funds should be individual for each event and they should rely 100% on the existing community.

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