Axelar Latam Community - Continuity Plan

Project Name Axelar Latam Community - Continuity Plan
Description The Axelar Latam Community Continuity Plan, led by Colledge, aims to boost awareness and engagement with the Axelar Network across Latin America from June to December 2024. Through community building, participation in industry events, and tailored educational content, we seek to establish Axelar as a leading cross-chain solution in the region.
Date June to December 2024
Contact Name Cristobal Pereira
Discord Username cristpereirag
Grant Amount Requested grant amount in AXL - 60000 (Rate: 1.00 USD/AXL based on an average of 7 days rate, a calculation based on Coinmarketcap rates)

Project Description

We are thrilled to present our strategic initiative aimed at furthering awareness and engagement with the Axelar Network across Latin America. Building upon our initial efforts, this plan outlines new strategic actions designed to elevate brand awareness and foster community growth within the region. Led by Colledge, a trusted web3 academy renowned for its educational content and community support, this initiative seeks to deepen engagement and expand Axelar’s presence in Latin America. In addition to enhanced community building, expansion of ambassadors, and participation in regional key events, we are committed to creating educational content tailored to the needs of Latin American audiences. By providing valuable resources and fostering knowledge sharing, we aim to empower developers and users to fully leverage Axelar’s cross-chain technologies. Join us in this exciting journey as we continue to bridge the gap between cross-chain technologies and the Latin American market, unlocking new opportunities and driving positive change within the blockchain industry.

Key Objectives:

  • Establishing a Robust Community Network: Building a strong and inclusive community network across Latin America is crucial for fostering awareness and adoption of the Axelar Network within the region. This includes the implementation of the ambassador program in strategic countries like Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela to drive local engagement and foster connections within their respective communities.
  • Active Participation in Industry Events: Actively participating in key industry events allows Axelar to forge alliances and connections with relevant communities, further enhancing its visibility and recognition.
  • Cultivating a Dynamic Ecosystem: Cultivating a dynamic ecosystem of developers, startups, and blockchain enthusiasts committed to Axelar’s growth and success is essential for driving adoption and innovation within the region.
  • Positioning Axelar as an Alternative Cross-Chain Solution: Establishing Axelar as a viable alternative cross-chain solution and catalyst for blockchain innovation in Latin America is essential for building its credibility and influence in the market.
  • Organizing Local Meetups and Events: To further enhance our engagement and impact within the Latin American blockchain ecosystem. Given that we plan to organize at least one event monthly in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru over six months, local meetups with the respective communities will also be held. We seek to host local meetups with strategic communities and participate in significant regional events, both of which are effective strategies for increasing brand presence and fostering community growth. Leveraging the ambassador program, we will facilitate the organization of these local events, thereby strengthening Axelar’s connections with key stakeholders and enhancing our overall community engagement.
  • Create and active developer community: engage with developers’ interest in actively participating in the community, creating content, developing ideas, and/or launching projects on top of Axelar Infrastructure. Help startups to connect with Axelar technology to increase their use in the Latin American market.


Establish Axelar’s presence as an alternative cross-chain solution in Latin America.

  • KPI: Form alliances with at least 5 blockchain communities to spread awareness about Axelar.
  • KPI: Participate in at least 3 key industry events in Latin America to expand exposure and networking opportunities.

Scale social media presence and initiate a technical community with 100 developers proficient in Axelar by the end of the process.

  • KPI: Scale social media presence and engage with developers through targeted campaigns and community-building efforts.
  • KPI: Build partnerships with at least 5 developers communities across Latin America.

Foster local engagement and connections through community-building efforts in strategic countries.

  • KPI: Establish relationships with at least 3 university blockchain clubs in the region.
  • KPI: Organize at least 3 workshops at universities in different countries.

Cultivate a dynamic ecosystem of developers, startups, and enthusiasts to drive adoption and innovation on the Axelar Network.

  • KPI: Foster at least 3 local meetups and networking sessions in different countries targeted at developers, startups, and blockchain enthusiasts.

Facilitate knowledge-sharing and collaboration through educational initiatives and community-driven events.

  • KPI: Participate in at least 3 workshops and/or hackathons organized by other communities.
  • KPI: Form alliances with at least 5 different blockchain communities to explain Axelar’s technologies.

Translate and disseminate content to Spanish-speaking audiences to amplify reach and influence.

  • KPI: Translate at least 10 tutorials to Spanish.
  • KPI: Create at least 10 tutorial videos for the Axelar YouTube channel.

Maintain alignment with Axelar’s mission to enable seamless and decentralized interoperability across blockchains, contributing to the advancement of the global blockchain ecosystem.

  • KPI: Ensure all activities and engagements align with Axelar’s overarching mission of promoting decentralized interoperability across blockchains.

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs

Goal 1: Establish Ambassador Program

  • Goal: Establish an active Ambassador Program that helps us promote Axelar Ecosystem to both, users and developers, across Latin America.
  • Milestone: 3 Ambassadors distributed in Venezuela, Colombia, and Peru, that help our team based in Chile, Mexico, and Argentina, promote the Axelar ecosystem across the region.

Goal 2: Organize Local Events

  • Goal: To further enhance our engagement and impact within the Latin American blockchain ecosystem. Given that we plan to organize at least one event monthly in Mexico, Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, and Peru over the course of six months, local meetups with the respective communities will also be held. We seek to host local meetups with strategic communities and participate in significant regional events, both of which are effective strategies for increasing brand presence and fostering community growth. Leveraging the ambassador program, we will facilitate the organization of these local events, thereby strengthening Axelar’s connections with key stakeholders and enhancing our overall community engagement.
  • Milestone: Organize meetups for at least 40 people in Argentina, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, and Mexico.

Goal 3: Participate in Key Events

  • Objective: Enhance brand visibility through active participation in key industry events in Latin America.
  • Milestone: Secure at least 2 participation opportunities in important events over the 6 months, like Blockchain Summit Latam happening in Colombia and Labitconf happening in Argentina.

Goal 4: Launch Educational Initiatives and Developer Support

  • Objective: Provide valuable educational resources and support for developers, like videos, tutorials, workshops, and/or masterclasses, both virtual and on-site.
  • Milestone: Attract at least 150 participants to webinars and educational courses over 6 months and create an active developer community of at least 100 devs in Latin America, and Organize at least 6 different educational initiatives.

Goal 5: Social Media Engagement

  • Objective: Enhance brand awareness and engagement through publication in social media and translated content.
  • Milestone: achieving a 25% increase in engagement metrics, based on our prior work (likes, shares, comments) on the translated content.

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline

The deliverables will consist of reports that we will upload to the forum so that the community can become acquainted with the work we are doing, as well as the social media platforms showcasing the impact we are generating. The following activities, once listed, will be included in these reports.

Establishment of Ambassador Program:

  • Recruitment and onboarding of ambassadors in Colombia, Peru, and Venezuela.
  • Development of ambassador guidelines and activities guide, including tasks such as content generation and organization of local meetups.
  • Launch of ambassador-led initiatives to increase brand awareness and community engagement.

Organization of Local Events:

  • Planning and execution of a series of local meetups and workshops in targeted cities.
  • Promotion and marketing of events to attract participants.
  • Coordination of logistics and venue arrangements for each event.

Participation in Key Events:

  • Identification and selection of key blockchain and web3 events in Latin America.
  • Application and confirmation of participation as speakers, panelists, or exhibitors.
  • Preparation and delivery of engaging presentations or participation in panel discussions.

Launch of Educational Initiatives and Developer Support:

  • Development of educational webinars, workshops, and online courses focused on blockchain and web3 technologies.
  • Recruitment and coordination of guest speakers and instructors.
  • Provision of developer support through online forums, office hours, and technical documentation.

Social Media Engagement:

  • Translation of key content, including articles, blog posts, and social media posts, into Spanish.
  • Promotion and dissemination of translated content through social media channels and community platforms.
  • Monitoring and analysis of engagement metrics to measure the impact of translated content.


  • Dependency on the availability and commitment of ambassadors to organize local events, which could impact community engagement and adoption within the Web3 ecosystem, hindering Goal 1 of establishing an ambassador program.
  • Potential regulatory changes or legal uncertainties within the Web3 space, leading to compliance challenges or operational disruptions, which may impede Goal 4 of launching educational initiatives and developer support.
  • Risk of low turnout or interest in local and regional events within the Web3 community, affecting the effectiveness of engagement efforts and Goal 2 of organizing local events.
  • Uncertainty surrounding the rapid evolution of technologies and protocols within the Web3 landscape, posing challenges in keeping up-to-date with industry trends and best practices, potentially hindering Goal 3 from participating in key events.
  • Technical issues or vulnerabilities in blockchain networks or smart contracts utilized within the Axelar ecosystem, potentially leading to security breaches or reputational damage, which could impact Goal 5 of increasing brand awareness.


The motivation behind this proposal stems from our unwavering commitment to fostering growth and innovation within the Latin American blockchain ecosystem. Building upon our previous community-building efforts in the region, we seek to continue our momentum and expand our impact. By leveraging the power of local meetups, strategic partnerships, and community-driven initiatives, we aim to solidify Axelar’s position as a leading player in the Web3 space. Our dedication to empowering developers, entrepreneurs, and enthusiasts aligns seamlessly with our vision of creating a more accessible and inclusive blockchain landscape. Through this proposal, we seek to catalyze engagement, drive adoption, and ultimately, propel the advancement of decentralized technologies throughout the region. Furthermore, by continuing our previous work in community building, we anticipate significant benefits in terms of increased brand presence and recognition for Axelar within the region.

Bio & Past Work

Colledge has been actively involved in fostering community growth in Latin America since 2019, focusing on educational content creation and participation in regional events. Since 2023, our collaboration with Axelar has intensified these efforts. Together, we generate educational content, organize local meetups with key communities, and actively participate in major regional events. Our educational ecosystem boasts over 11,000 enrolled students across various academic verticals, including Investment, Legal Tech, Business, and Programming. Our partnerships with Avalanche, Celo, ICP, Rootstock, Conflux, and Algorand underscore our commitment to supporting diverse objectives within the blockchain space, fostering innovation, and skill development in the community.

Team members:

  • CristĂłbal Pereira: Specialist in Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and web3 since 2015. With a solid track record, I have participated in various projects based on this technology. Currently, he holds key roles as co-founder and CEO of Colledge, a leading academy in training web3 professionals and entrepreneurs, and as director of Blockchain Summit Latam, the most influential business conference in Latin America.

  • Alejandra Pacheco: Community Lead at Axelar LATAM. Partners & Incubator Manager at Web3 LATAM Hub. Content translator and Web3 Builder since 2019

  • Brenda Palavicino: Argentina Community Lead at Axelar LATAM. UX Designer. Content Creator. DeSci Builde since 2019

  • Ricardo Fuentes: Mexico Community Lead at Axelar LATAM. Computer Systems Engineer. IT Consultant. Project and Technology Innovation Manager. Fullstack Web2 Developer. Web3 Jr. Developer. Core Team Member of the Web3 Anti SAT & Crypto UNAM Communities since 2020.

  • Carlos RodrĂ­guez: Dev Evangelist. Blockchain developer specializing in Solidity, Rust, and Ink! technologies, with extensive experience in blockchain infrastructure and web development. As a developer relations expert, he excels in fostering growth and expansion for companies through sales and branding techniques, community building, and loyalty initiatives. Skilled in creating smart contracts, decentralized applications (DApps), DNFTs, and infrastructure development on both centralized servers and blockchain platforms. Passionate about science, technology, and continuous learning.


  • Reach +1,000 X followers and +500 users on Telegram
  • Organize at least 3 meetups in different countries.
  • Organize at least 3 workshops in different countries.
  • Add 3 Ambassadors.
  • Participate in at least 3 events.
  • Partner with 3 universities’ blockchain clubs.
  • Community of at least +100 devs.

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