Axelar India Launch - 2023

Also, our founder Akshay Aggarwal (ex-Partner Draper Dragon Fund) met the Axelar team at Token 2049. He really enjoyed Georgios’s panel discussion on “bringing the next billion in web3 using interoperability”.

Hey Axelar Fam,

Here are the highlights from our Hyderabad event
Also, after Token 2049 we did a virtual session to share the insights and showcase projects from Token 2049 with the folks who missed it. In this event, we had Shawn Lim from Axelar for the protocol panel along with representatives from Polygon, SKALE & Aptos.

Here is the recording of the session for you all:

Hey Axelar Fam!

Happy New Year - May your crypto soar high, your transactions be smooth, your digital ventures thrive, and your gas fee low. Wishing you a prosperous year!

Blockchained India proudly shares the success of the Axelar India Launch. This initiative showcased Axelar Network’s cross-chain communication among developers and builders in India.

Key Achievements:

  • Over 722 showed interest, and 217+ people participated in Bangalore and Hyderabad meetups.
  • 70.4% of attendees were developers and builders.
  • Virtual fireside chat garnered 1,800+ views.

Discover more in our detailed report and recommendation: [Axelar India Launch Report.pdf - Google Drive]