Axelar India Launch - 2023

Project Name : Axelar India Launch - 2023

Description : Axelar India Launch is a series of one-day huddles in four major cities across India to promote awareness and adoption of the Axelar Network conducted by Blockchained India, India’s largest and oldest crypto community. The program will bring together developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and experts to discuss cross-chain technologies and their applications. This initiative will also create a dedicated India Chapter for developers, builders, and organizations interested in utilizing Axelar’s cross-chain capabilities. Axelar India Chapter will be led by our experienced team and campus ambassadors from six Ivy League universities in India, through this we aim to establish a vibrant community of developers, startups, and blockchain enthusiasts to drive growth and adoption of Axelar in India’s blockchain ecosystem.

Date : 2023-05-04T18:30:00Z2023-08-11T18:30:00Z
Contact Name : Manav Ailawadi | Blockchained India
Discord Username : manav#3561

Grant Amount : $28,240
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Project Description


The Axelar Network is a decentralized platform that enables interoperability between different blockchain networks. Blockchained India is the oldest and the largest blockchain community in India with over 60,000 members including developers, startups, organizations, and blockchain enthusiasts.

India boasts the second-largest developer community in the world, with an estimated 10 million developers, according to GitHub. However, developers in India often lack the necessary awareness, training, and education about emerging blockchain technology that can be integrated into their projects and platforms.

Through the Axelar India Huddle and Axelar India Chapter, we aim to bridge this gap by bringing together experts, developers, startups, and Web3 product developers to discuss the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in the multi-chain future and utilization of cross-chain technology to build the future of Web3.

Axelar India Launch will be a series of four one-day events held in major cities in India. Each event will have 100+ attendees selected from 350+ applicants. The events will feature sessions from experts in the blockchain and cross-chain technology space, as well as workshops and networking opportunities. By bringing together experts, developers, and enthusiasts, the conference will provide a platform for participants to engage with like-minded individuals and form connections that can help drive the growth and adoption of decentralized cross-chain networks in India’s rapidly evolving blockchain ecosystem.

Our primary goal is to increase awareness of the Axelar Network in South East Asia, while building a sustainable community specifically in India. The Axelar India Huddle will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, helping to advance cross-chain technology and its applications on Axelar Network.

Axelar India Chapter

During the Huddle, we will launch a dedicated Axelar India Chapter that will be supported by Blockchained India and its campus ambassadors in India’s premier universities. Our goal is to select six dedicated campus ambassadors who will help ensure that the network is well-represented in the region and that potential developers have easy access to information, resources required to build with Axelar. In addition, the Campus Ambassador program will establish a strong presence in universities and encourage students who are exploring cross-chain dApp development to connect with the Axelar Ecosystem. We already have a strong presence in all the top universities like IIT-Delhi, IIT-Bombay, IIT-KGP, IIT-R, BITS, DTU, and many others.

We will utilise the existing Blockchained India community, a network of over 60,000 members to connect with existing dapps. Projects like QuickSwap, Synthr, Lync, Stader, and Biconomy that are using Axelar are already part of our community and extensive network. We believe that the Axelar India Chapter will provide a platform for participants to share their knowledge and insights, foster new connections, and drive the growth of decentralized cross-chain networks in India and beyond.

By leveraging the Blockchained India community, we will connect Axelar with existing dApps and expand the reach of the Network. We anticipate that the Huddle will kickstart a vibrant community of cross-chain enthusiasts consisting of at least 400 people, along with a dedicated India Chapter of 6 Campus Ambassadors in 6 institutes in India. All of them will be actively contributing to the growth and adoption of the Axelar Network.


  • To educate the builder community in India about the benefits of utilising Axelar Network’s cross-chain communication protocol and to promote adoption of the platform’s unique features.
  • To establish a dedicated India Chapter with an assigned point of contact for Axelar Network in India. The chapter will direct any queries/leads to Axelar Network and promote it across India.
  • To create a strong presence in Indian universities through the campus ambassador program and encourage students to explore cross-chain dApp development on the Axelar Network.
  • To provide a platform for networking and collaboration to industry experts, developers, existing projects building on Axelar, and developers building cross-chain applications.
  • To explore the latest advancements in cross-chain technology and Axelar Network
  • To discuss the potential impact of Axelar Network on the multi-chain future of Web3.
  • To showcase innovative projects and startups in the cross-chain space who are utilizing Axelar Network to build.


Four one-day Huddles in Metro Cities in India:

Four one-day physical events will be organized to facilitate in-person interactions, kickstart and build a community, and provide networking opportunities while building a dedicated India Chapter for Axelar Network. The workshops will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, talks, and presentations on the Axelar Network, multi-chain technologies, and a showcase of the Axelar ecosystem dApps. The events will be attended by developers, dApp builders, existing cross-chain projects, and enthusiasts developers interested in learning about the Axelar Network in all the major metro cities in India. For the benefit of the community and to receive feedback, we have added a tentative agenda of the huddle. We will improve this in consultation with the community and the team.

Tentative Agenda of Axelar Network India Huddle - 2023

Campus Ambassador Program

During the program, we will select six volunteers (in different cities) who will become the campus ambassadors to serve as points of contact for the Axelar Network in India. We will identify and invite these ambassadors to learn during the huddle, connect with the Axelar ecosystem, and serve as ambassadors for the network on their campuses. These ambassadors will act as point of contact for student developers regarding anything related to the cross-chain ecosystem, host events, workshops, and other activities to educate their peers about the Axelar Network. We will implement an incentivization program that will reward their active participation and contribution to the project.

Overall, these activities will help us achieve our objectives of promoting awareness and adoption of cross-chain technologies, building a dedicated India Chapter for the Axelar Network, creating a presence in Indian universities, providing a platform for networking and collaboration, and showcasing innovative projects and startups in the cross-chain space.


Axelar Network through this proposal has the potential to positively impact the multi-chain ecosystem in India by fostering a community of cross-chain believers, who will directly contribute to its growth and adoption. This proposal aims to benefit the ecosystem in multiple ways:

  • Establishment of the Alexar community and a dedicated India Chapter in all the major cities in India in a period of 4 months.
  • The proposal aims to create awareness and expand the reach of Axelar Network, which will help in increasing the adoption and usage of the network.
  • It will start and establish a community that will empower upcoming cross-chain builders, establish existence in 6 different cities (through campus ambassadors), and foster cross-chain innovations at the ground level. This aligns with Alexar’s vision of creating a decentralized world where cross-chain technology is accessible to everyone.
  • India Chapter will be instantly plugged in with the who’s who of the entire Web3 ecosystem in India through Blockchained India. This will provide the chapter with the necessary infrastructure and network from Day 0, which we believe is crucial for the success of such initiatives.
  • By bringing together builders, successful cross-chain dapps, experts, and multi-chain enthusiasts, the conference will facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas, which will help in advancing the cross-chain technology and its applications on Axelar Network.
  • The Axelar Campus Ambassador program will establish a strong student developers community that will contribute to the growth and adoption of the Axelar Network in India. Campus ambassadors will be the point of contact for interested developers looking to connect with Axelar Network, this will have an immediate and a permanent impact in the ecosystem.

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs

At Blockchained India, we understand the importance of measuring the success of our initiatives. Therefore, we have identified the following KPIs to evaluate the success of the proposed project:

Goal 1: Increase Awareness and Reach of Axelar Network in India

Number of attendees: We aim to attract at least 100-150 attendees selected from 350+ applicants in each city to the huddle to engage and form a thriving cross-chain Axelar community in India. This would lead to a total of 600+ attendees selected from 1400+ applicants across four cities in India.

Social media reach: We will track the social media reach of the huddles, including the number of shares, likes, and comments on social media platforms, to gauge its success. We will aim to get 100,000+ impressions from the Web3 developer community in India

Goal 2: Empower Upcoming Cross-Chain Builders and Establish Axelar Community in India

Number of volunteers selected through the Huddle: We aim to select at least 6 volunteers who will be trained to become Axelar India Campus Ambassadors and establish the Axelar India Chapter.

Number of universities for Axelar Campus Ambassador program: We will train and place these Campus Ambassadors in at least 6 universities across India.

Goal 3: Facilitate Exchange of Knowledge and Ideas on Cross-Chain Technology

Feedback and Testimonials: We will gather anonymous feedback from attendees and speakers after the conference to gauge their level of satisfaction and share the experience with Axelar to improve future initiatives.

Number of new members and leads: We aim to attract at least 400 new members to the Axelar community and create at least 10 new partnerships and projects as a result of the conference.

Goal 4: Evaluate the success of the project and implement best practices

Comprehensive Report: We are committed to providing a comprehensive report of these metrics to evaluate the success of the conference and determine how to replicate a dedicated Axelar Chapter in other regions effectively.

By tracking these KPIs, we will be able to evaluate the success of the proposed project and demonstrate the impact of the Axelar Network in India. We believe that achieving these milestones will help us create a thriving Axelar community in India and contribute to the growth and adoption of the network.

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline

We are proposing four one-day huddles to kickstart the Axelar community in India and launch the Axelar India Chapter with six campus ambassadors from the community.

We will drive registrations to the event through the Blockchained India community and social media (25,000+ impressions for each event). We are expecting 1400+ applications, out of which 400 - 600 members would be invited to participate in these huddles.

The event will act as a stepping stone for Axelar to start having a serious presence in India and utilize the vast developer pool in the Indian crypto ecosystem. This proposal will help to increase the awareness and understanding of the Axelar Network in India, leading to more development, investment, and adoption of its technology in the region. The huddle will provide a platform for the believers of a multi-chain future to come together and share knowledge, discuss challenges and opportunities, and explore potential collaborations. The huddle will also serve as a networking opportunity for attendees, allowing them to connect with key players in the Alexar Ecosystem. We will also invite and engage the enterprises actively exploring the cross-chain space.


  • Four one-day events in Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, and Hyderabad.
  • A well-established community of cross-chain builders and enthusiasts in India
  • Successful launch of the Axelar India Chapter with 6 campus ambassadors guided by a full-time member from the Blockchained India team
  • Successful training and integration of Campus Ambassadors across 6 universities in India
  • A comprehensive report of the metrics and outcomes from the events


Milestone 1 (Month 1): Connect with the existing projects building with Axelar Network like QuickSwap, Biconomy to partner for the events. Finalize the event locations and dates, design the website, launch applications, invite applicants, and start promoting the events through social media and other channels.

Milestone 2 (Month 2): Finalize the speaker lineup and agenda for each event, and ensure that all logistics and arrangements are in place. Coordinate with the Axelar Network team to ensure we have the right representation (physical or virtual) during the events.

Milestone 3 (Month 3-4): Execute the events successfully, with 100+ attendees at each event and a strong focus on community building and networking. Select campus ambassadors from each city for Axelar India Chapter and officially launch it during the last event. Train the campus ambassadors during the event and launch the initiatives in 6 universities.

Milestone 4 (Month 5): Follow up with attendees, speakers, and campus ambassadors to gather feedback and evaluate the impact of the events. Guide the Campus Ambassadors to support the incoming inquiries and connect with the Alexar Network if required. Use this feedback to create a comprehensive report on the metrics and outcomes of the events.

Timelines with Activities:

Month 1 (May 2023): Finalize event locations, dates, and collateral to attract applications for the huddle and campus ambassador program. Depending on the approval of the proposal we are looking to start this in May 2023.

Month 2: Finalize speaker lineup, agenda, logistics, collateral, Axelar India Launch, and Campur Ambassador program training for the events.

Month 3-4: Execute the events successfully in all four cities (Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, and Hyderabad). Launch Axelar India Chapter and Campus Ambassador Program in all the cities.

Month 5: Gather feedback from attendees, speakers, and campus ambassadors and create a comprehensive report on the metrics and outcomes of the events.

The timelines are subject to change based on the approval of the proposal. However, we are committed to ensuring that the events are executed successfully and that the objectives are met within the specified timelines.


While we aim to organize a successful program, there are a few potential risks that we have identified. One of the primary risks is low attendance, but we plan to mitigate this by leveraging our existing community of over 60,000 members and conducting active promotion through various channels. We will also offer incentives to connect with who’s who of the ecosystem and closely monitor attendance and feedback to make any necessary adjustments.

Moreover, we understand that unforeseen technical or logistical issues may arise. In such cases, our dedicated team will work swiftly to ensure a seamless huddle experience for all attendees. Additionally, we have established partnerships with Axelar Network ecosystem dApps like Quickswap and Biconomy that are present in India to expand our reach and impact.

With our experience in launching major blockchain networks such as Zilliqa, Polygon, ConSenSys, Stellar, Algorand, r3 Corda, and many others in India since 2016, we are confident that we have the necessary expertise and resources to address any risks that may arise.


Our motivation for organizing the Axelar India Launch series is driven by our passion for the blockchain industry in India and our recognition of the importance of interoperability between different blockchain networks. As an established community of blockchain developers since 2016, we are determined to position India as a leader in the web 3 revolution and this cannot be done without being a leader in cross-chain interoperable technologies. The potential of the Axelar Network to facilitate cross-chain communication and integration aligns with our vision for the future of blockchain technology.

Through this series of events, we aim to create awareness, educate, and connect people with the transforming opportunities of the future. The huddle will be a crucial milestone to showcase the latest trends, challenges, and opportunities in cross-chain technology enabled by the Axelar Network.

We also recognize the need for an active community in India that can contribute to the adoption and growth of the Axelar Network. Our attempts to engage with the Indian community on the Axelar Network Discord channel were met with little response, which motivated us to take the initiative and create a community-driven approach through the Axelar India Launch series.
We are committed to achieving our goal by leveraging our existing network and partnerships, utilizing our experience in organizing successful blockchain events and initiatives in India, and creating a sustainable Alexar India Chapter and community. By doing so, we hope to contribute to the growth and adoption of the Axelar Network in India and establish India as a key player in the web 3 ecosystem.

Bio & Past Work

Blockchained India is an established name in the Indian blockchain community, known for its successful launch and growth of major blockchain networks such as Zilliqa, Polygon, ConSenSys, Stellar, Algorand, r3 Corda, and many others since 2016. Our core mission is to connect and grow Web3 with the necessary stakeholders, and it has a proven track record of successfully connecting developers with the tools and resources needed to build and drive the adoption of blockchain technology. It is perfectly aligned with what we would be achieving with Axelar Network India Launch - 2023.

The following team members have played a key role in building and establishing a strong Web 3.0 ecosystem in India, and will be supporting the launch of Axelar Network India Huddle - 2023:

Akshay Aggarwal is the President and Co-founder of Blockchained India. He has Co-founded 2 start-ups in the past and worked in leadership roles of numerous other venture-backed startups. He additionally leads investments as a Venture Partner with Tim Draper stewarded Web3 focussed Draper Dragon Fund.

Manav Ailawadi, co-founder of Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios, will lead this program. With years of experience building the Indian crypto ecosystem and working with companies such as ConsenSys, Polygon, Zilliqa, Algorand, and others, Manav has the necessary expertise and knowledge to successfully guide this initiative. In addition, he has worked with early-stage startups such as Polkadex, Drife, Comdex, Metapolis, and more, helping them to build their initial communities. He was previously with KPMG and co-convened the largest crypto conference in India in 2019, India Dapp Fest.

Sameer Malik is onboarding angels from the traditional space to support startups in the Web3 industry. He has been involved in the crypto space since 2016 and is currently working with various startups with Blockchained India. He invests, advises, and works with Defi, NFT projects. Previously, he spearheaded Nexus Incubator for the U.S. government and was also the co-founder and managing partner of Galaxy Exports, a manufacturer of home décor products. The startup currently clocks over $1 million in yearly revenues.

Kashyap Kompella is one of the founding members of Blockchained India and is the former CEO of Edwisely. He has a strong academic inclination with degrees from European Business School, Hamburg University of Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, and Stanford University. He is currently leading innovation at the Incubation arm of Woxsen University in Hyderabad.

Karthika Sivakumar is a Co-founder of Blockchained India and is currently working as an Executive Director with the Women’s Business Incubation Program (WBIP). Previously, she was a core member of Amazon’s innovation program in India.

This linktree has a deck with information about our previous work, listings of our prestigious partners like CoinDCX, QuickSwap, Biconomy, along with their testimonials. You will also find links to our community channels and other initiatives. Our programs have been covered by International/National Media, these details are also available at the next links. The Axelar community can further access the photos of our events and finally, our previous online and in-person program recordings are also available on Youtube.