Axelar India Launch - 2023 -24 - Phase 2

Project Name: Axelar India Launch - 2023-24 - Phase 2

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Description: The “Axelar India Launch - 2023,” initiated by Blockchained India, continues the journey of increasing Axelar network adoption and awareness in India. This phase begins after the successful momentum build in two cities Bengaluru and Hyderabad aiming to further empower Web3 builders with Axelar’s innovative cross-chain communication.

The first phase of the initiative achieved notable success, recording over 722 participants, and 217 attendees through a series of two meetups in Bengaluru and Hyderabad, Protocol under the spotlight (virtual), and extended the initiative through the virtual panel discussion (consisting of Axelar, Polygon, Skale, and Aptos), and created the Axelar interest group for Axelar India community. These meetups attracted a diverse audience from tech giants, developers, startup builders, educational institutions, and investors, demonstrating Axelar’s growing influence in the web3. Building on this momentum, Phase 2 will include strategic meetups in Delhi and Mumbai, crucial for deepening Axelar’s engagement in India’s tech metro cities and enhancing its India web3 community.

Date: [20/01/2024] - [10/03/2024]

Contact Name: Manav Ailawadi | Blockchained India

Discord Username: manav#3561
Grant Amount: $15,960.00
Requested grant amount in AXL - 16,239.45(Rate: 0.9828USD/AXL based on an EMA7 rate, a calculation based on Coinmarketcap rates from date 21 December 2023)
Axelar Network <> Blockchained India | Axelar India Launch phase 2

Project Description


Blockchained India, the oldest and largest blockchain community in India with over 75,000 members, is spearheading the “Axelar India Launch - 2023 - Phase 2”. This initiative aims to drive awareness and further adoption of the Axelar network in India. With the Indian developer community being the largest globally, yet often lacking in blockchain technology awareness, this phase will focus on bridging this gap, utilizing Axelar’s cross-chain capabilities.

Axelar India Launch - Phase 2

We are excited to continue the “Axelar India Launch - 2023 - Phase 2,” a series of initiatives across major Indian cities to push the understanding of the Axelar Network. Orchestrated by Blockchained India, these knowledge-sharing gatherings will connect developers, builders, blockchain enthusiasts, and industry experts to explore the evolving world of cross-chain technologies.

During phase 2, a representative from Axelar’s team (preferably the founder) shall participate in the fireside chat. This session shares invaluable developments around Axelar’s latest updates to garner an understanding of the current state of evolution and draw attention toward the connected price action that shall attract high-quality contributions from the Indian builders. The initiative shall shed light onto the Axelar VM and discuss the nuances of developing a cross-chain solution.

Moreover, the idea is to seed early steps into the creation of an interchain communication alliance that draws interest from existing interoperability-focused layer1 blockchains like Polkadot and Cosmos.

By leveraging Blockchained India’s extensive network, phase 2 aims to widen the Axelar Network’s influence. One of Axelar’s partners Quickswap, leading DEX of the Polygon ecosystem, already supported our multiple initiatives such as 'Back The Builders - Where web3 vibes!’.

Starting with Delhi and then Mumbai, the events shall cater to blockchain practitioners across two major tech cities. Objectives are mentioned below:


  • Educate India’s builder community on Axelar Network’s cross-chain communication protocol and inculcate awareness about the network’s potential to usher in the multi-chain future for Web3.
  • Kickstart an interest group focussed on cross-chain applications in India, showcasing Axelar as the driver inviting stakeholders from the Cosmos and the Polkadot ecosystem towards the same.
  • Boost Axelar’s presence in the Indian Web3 community through targeted meetups and engagements and showcase thought leadership by sharing the latest developments in cross-chain technology and facilitating networking and collaboration among industry experts, developers, and cross-chain application builders.
  • Attract innovative projects and startups to use the Axelar Network for cross-chain decentralized application development.


  1. Two One-Day Huddles in Metro Cities in India

Phase 2 will include two one-day huddles in major metro cities in India. These events will facilitate in-person interactions, community building, and networking opportunities, crucial for the development of a dedicated India Chapter for the Axelar Network. The huddles will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and presentations focussed on Axelar Network. The events shall be themed around multi-chain architecture designs and draw light to the top dApps from the Axelar ecosystem. The initiative will target developers, dApp builders, and enthusiasts.

These gatherings aim to broaden awareness and understanding of Axelar’s capabilities. A tentative agenda will be shared with further refinements made in collaboration with the community and team.

  1. Fireside Conversation

Another key initiative in phase 2 will be the virtually executed fireside chat with a key stakeholder preferably the founder of the Axelar ecosystem in order to showcase the technological depth of the network. This virtual event, hosted by Blockchained India, will delve into the founder’s journey and the development of the Axelar Network.

Attendees will gain valuable insights into the challenges and successes of building a cross-chain solution. The fireside chat serves as an opportunity to enhance the initial connection within the Indian Web 3 community, bringing together a diverse group of developers, blockchain enthusiasts, and experts to discuss cross-chain technologies and their applications.

  1. Axelar Interest Group

In our continued efforts to strengthen and expand the Axelar community in India, a pivotal focus is placed on the Axelar Interest Group. This initiative aims to build a robust and engaged community by attracting 300 new members specifically from India. These efforts are crucial for fostering a stronger Axelar community and advancing the network’s growth and adoption across the region. By hosting knowledge-sharing meetups in key cities like Delhi and Mumbai, and connecting with existing projects building within the Axelar Network, we aim to significantly enhance engagement and collaboration within the community. This strategic expansion is not only about increasing numbers but also about deepening the connections and fostering new collaborations, laying a strong foundation for the Axelar network’s sustained growth and influence in the Indian blockchain ecosystem.


Axelar Network, through the “Axelar India Launch - 2023 - Phase 2”, aims to significantly influence India’s multi-chain ecosystem by nurturing a community dedicated to cross-chain innovation. This phase of the proposal is designed to benefit the ecosystem in several ways:

  • Awareness and Reach Expansion: This phase seeks to enhance the visibility and reach of the Axelar Network, thereby contributing to increased adoption and usage. The focus will be on hosting the meetups in Delhi and Mumbai.

  • Establishment of the Axelar Community: Expanding the Axelar community and growing the Axelar India Chapter across two major cities within two months, building upon the success of the initial phase that reached over 15,000 people.

  • Empowerment of Cross-Chain Builders: By initiating community engagement in two key cities and fostering cross-chain innovations at the grassroots level, this initiative aligns with Axelar’s vision of a decentralized world where cross-chain technology is universally accessible.

  • Knowledge Exchange and Collaboration: By uniting builders, successful cross-chain dApps, experts, and enthusiasts, the initiative will create a platform for exchanging knowledge and ideas, advancing cross-chain technology and its applications on the Axelar Network.

  • Integration with the Web3 Ecosystem: The India Chapter will be seamlessly integrated with the leading figures of the entire Web3 ecosystem in India through Blockchained India. This integration provides the necessary infrastructure and network from the outset, which is essential for the success of such initiatives.

This proposal is set to fortify Axelar’s impact in India, fostering a robust ecosystem of cross-chain technology and community engagement, thereby reinforcing Axelar’s commitment to blockchain innovation and collaborative growth.

Goals, Milestones, & KPIs

At Blockchained India, we prioritize the accurate measurement of our initiative’s success. For “Axelar India Launch - 2023 - Phase 2,” we have set the following KPIs:

I. Increase Awareness and Reach of Axelar Network in India

  • Number of Attendees: For each city’s meetup, we target at least 100 attendees selected out of 250 applicants. This would lead to a total of over 200 attendees across both meetups, significantly increasing Axelar’s community engagement in India.

  • Social Media Reach: We intend to track and amplify the social media reach of the events, aiming for over 15,000+ impressions within the Web3 developer community in India.

II. Facilitate Exchange of Knowledge and Ideas on Cross-Chain Technology

  • Feedback and Testimonials: Post-event feedback will be collected from attendees and speakers to assess satisfaction levels and gather insights for improving future initiatives.

III. Creation of Axelar Interest Group within the Indian web3 ecosystem:

New Members and Leads: The target is to attract 300 new members to the Axelar Interest group and forge new partnerships with relevant projects, enhancing collaboration and innovation in cross-chain technology.

IV. Evaluate the Success of the Project

  • Comprehensive Report: A detailed report will be compiled to assess these metrics, evaluating the success of phase two of the initiatives and strategizing on effectively replicating the Axelar Chapter model in other regions.

By monitoring these KPIs, we aim to assess the effectiveness of Phase 2 accurately and showcase the growing impact of the Axelar Network in India. Achieving these milestones is crucial for fostering a strong Axelar community and advancing the network’s growth and adoption.

Deliverables, Milestones, & Timeline


  • Knowledge sharing meetups: Two one-day events in Delhi and Mumbai.

  • Garnering a cumulative attendance of 200-220 workshop participants, with at least 60-65% consisting of developer audience.

  • Amplifying Community Efforts: Continuing to build upon the successful establishment of the Axelar community in India by enhancing engagement and collaboration.

  • Axelar Interest Group: Build a strong community and attract 300 community members to Axelar Interest Group from India.

  • Ongoing Community Engagement: Utilising the strong foundation laid during the Axelar India Launch to deepen community connections and foster new collaborations.


  • Milestone 1 ( 2 Weeks): Connect with the existing projects building with Axelar Network like LYNC, Stader Labs, QuickSwap, Biconomy to partner for the events. Finalize the event locations and dates, design the website, launch applications, invite applicants, and start promoting the events through social media and other channels.
  • Milestone 2 (3th Week): Finalize the speaker lineup and agenda for each event, and ensure that all logistics and arrangements are in place. Coordinate with the Axelar Network team to ensure we have the right representation (physical or virtual) during the events.
  • Milestone 3 (4th - 6th Week): Execute the events successfully, with 100+ attendees at each event and a strong focus on community building and networking.
  • Milestone 4 (7th Week): Follow up with attendees and speakers to gather feedback and evaluate the impact of the events. Use this feedback to create a comprehensive report on the metrics and outcomes of the events.


  • First 2 weeks: Finalize event locations, dates, and collateral to attract applications for the huddle.
  • 3th Week: Finalize speaker lineup, agenda, logistics, collateral, and Axelar India Launch.
  • 4th - 6th Week: Execute the events successfully in both cities (Delhi and Mumbai). Launch Axelar India Chapter.
  • 7th Week: Gather feedback from attendees, speakers, and create a comprehensive report on the metrics and outcomes of the events.

The timelines are subject to change based on the approval of the proposal. However, we are committed to ensuring that the events are executed successfully and that the objectives are met within the specified timelines.


As we progress with “Axelar India Launch - 2023 - Phase 2,” we are mindful of potential risks that could impact the success of our program. However, our previous achievements and proactive strategies position us well to address these challenges.

  • Risk of Low Attendance:

The risk of low attendance is a consideration due to end-of-the-year activities but our approach to mitigate this is well founded in the excitement due to the current price action of both Bitcoin and Axelar. More so, this approach is grounded in the success of our past initiatives. With over 722 registrations and 217 attendees in the previous phase, and an impressive online impression of 15,000 unique accounts, we are confident in our ability to attract a substantial audience.

We plan to leverage our existing community of over 65,000 members and engage in active promotion across various channels. Additionally, by offering compelling incentives and networking opportunities with key ecosystem players, we aim to ensure strong attendance.

  • Technical and Logistical Challenges:

While unforeseen technical or logistical issues may arise, our experienced team is well-prepared to handle such situations promptly and efficiently, ensuring a seamless experience for all attendees. Our past successes in organizing events for major blockchain networks like Zilliqa, Polygon, ConSenSys, Stellar, Algorand, r3 Corda, and others since 2016 have equipped us with the expertise to navigate and resolve these challenges effectively.

  • Partnership and Community Engagement:

We have established robust partnerships within the Axelar Network ecosystem, including collaboration with DEX like Quickswap. These partnerships, coupled with our dedicated efforts to support Axelar, enhance our capability to expand our reach and impact.

In summary, while acknowledging the inherent risks, our proven track record, strong community base, and strategic partnerships empower us to successfully execute Phase 2 of the Axelar India Launch and contribute significantly to the growth of the Axelar ecosystem in India.


Following the success of the initial phase of the Axelar India Launch, we observed an encouraging increase in activity within the Indian Axelar Discord channels. However, this activity level has yet to reach its full potential, indicating a significant opportunity for further engagement and development within the community. This realization forms a cornerstone of our motivation for “Axelar India Launch - 2023 - Phase 2.”

Throughout the last campaign, our interactions with numerous developers and builders revealed a crucial insight: a widespread lack of awareness about Axelar and its unique capabilities. This gap in knowledge among India’s vast developer and builder community underscores the urgency and necessity of our mission to disseminate information about Axelar’s technology more broadly.

Therefore, in Phase 2, our focus is not only to continue the momentum we have built but also to intensify our efforts in educating and connecting with every developer and builder in India. We aim to ensure that builders are well-informed and aware of the transformative potential that the Axelar Network offers.
Our commitment to this goal is fueled by our past achievements and the vibrant potential we see in India’s blockchain landscape. We believe that by deepening our engagement and broadening our reach, we can significantly contribute to the growth and adoption of the Axelar Network in India, fostering a stronger, more informed community that is integral to the global Web 3 ecosystem.

Bio & Past Work

Blockchained India is an established name in the Indian blockchain community, known for its successful launch and growth of major blockchain networks such as Zilliqa, Polygon, ConSenSys, Stellar, Algorand, r3 Corda, and many others since 2016. Our core mission is to connect and grow Web3 with the necessary stakeholders, and we have a proven track record of successfully connecting developers with the tools and resources needed to build and drive the adoption of blockchain technology. It is perfectly aligned with what we would be achieving with Axelar Network India Launch - 2023.

The following team members have played a key role in building and establishing a strong Web 3.0 ecosystem in India, and will be supporting the Axelar Network in India:

Akshay Aggarwal is the President and Co-founder of Blockchained India. He has Co-founded 2 start-ups in the past and worked in leadership roles of numerous other venture-backed startups. He additionally leads investments as a Venture Partner with Tim Draper stewarded Web3 focussed Draper Dragon Fund.

Manav Ailawadi, co-founder of Blockchained India and Blocumen Studios, will lead this program. With years of experience building the Indian crypto ecosystem and working with companies such as ConsenSys, Polygon, Zilliqa, Algorand, and others, Manav has the necessary expertise and knowledge to successfully guide this initiative. In addition, he has worked with early-stage startups such as Polkadex, Drife, Comdex, Metapolis, and more, helping them to build their initial communities. He was previously with KPMG and co-convened the largest crypto conference in India in 2019, India Dapp Fest.

Sameer Malik is onboarding angels from the traditional space to support startups in the Web3 industry. He has been involved in the crypto space since 2016 and is currently working with various startups with Blockchained India. He invests, advises, and works with Defi, NFT projects. Previously, he spearheaded Nexus Incubator for the U.S. government and was also the co-founder and managing partner of Galaxy Exports, a manufacturer of home décor products. The startup currently clocks over $1 million in yearly revenues.

Kashyap Kompella is one of the founding members of Blockchained India and is the former CEO of Edwisely. He has a strong academic inclination with degrees from European Business School, Hamburg University of Technology, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad, and Stanford University. He is currently leading innovation at the Incubation arm of Woxsen University in Hyderabad.

Karthika Sivakumar is a Co-founder of Blockchained India and is currently working as an Executive Director with the Women’s Business Incubation Program (WBIP). Previously, she was a core member of Amazon’s innovation program in India.

This linktree has a deck with information about our previous work, listings of our prestigious partners like CoinDCX, QuickSwap, and Biconomy, along with their testimonials. You will also find links to our community channels and other initiatives. Our programs have been covered by International/National Media, these details are also available at the next links. The Axelar community can further access the photos of our events and finally, our previous online and in-person program recordings are also available on YouTube.

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GM Axelarators!!

We wanted to thank you all for supporting us again for our proposal. We are excited to share the event details. We have started working towards the initiative. Our events are planned for 9th March in Delhi and 16th March in Mumbai.

We recently shared an article “From Silos to Connected Web3 Future: Axelar’s Role in the CrossBlock Alliance” about the initiative.

Once again, thank you for your support. Here’s to shaping the future, together!

Best Regards
Blockchained India Team

GM Axelarators!!

We wanted to quickly update you with the details for the upcoming meetups. We have 2 meetups planned with Axelar and the details are as follows:

9th March: Axelar India Launch event in Delhi, this event is being organised at IIT Delhi
16th March: Axelar India Launch event in Mumbai

If you are in India in any of the cities, do join us for the meetups and we would like to say hi to you all!

Let us together build a strong Axelar community!

Best Regards

Blockchained India Team

Hey Axelarators!!

We over the weekend completed the Delhi meetup. It was organised at IIT Delhi, one of the premier institutes in the country and was attended by 100+ folks. Here are the meetup highlights. Idris Ohato, Dev Rel, joined us virtually to share about the Axelar ecosystem and give us a demo.

Besides his session we also had a talk on “From Satoshi to dapps: Tracing the Evolution of Web3” and a panel discussion on “Navigating the Web3 Multiverse: Strategies for Seamless Cross-Chain Communication”.

Also, we have announced our next event in Mumbai which is on the 16th March, here are the event details.

Best Regards
Blockchained India Team

GM Axelarators!!

We completed the Mumbai meetup on 16th March and it was organized at IIT Bombay, one of the premier institutes in the country. The event was attended by 95+ folks and the meetup highlights are here.

Idris Ohato, Dev Rel gave a talk on Axelar Network and also gave a demo on how to build your own token using Interchain Token Service. The recording of the talk can be viewed here.

Best Regards
Blockchained India Team

Hey Axelerator,

We recently organized a Twitter space “Tales from Eth Denver”. This is part of our initiative “Tales from Global Conferences” which aims at sharing insights with people who were not able to join the conference. Special thanks to Kate Stapleton from Axelar Foundation who joined us for the Twitter space along with representatives from Metis, Fluence, Phala Network, and Caladan.

In total we had over 1200 tuned-in concurrent listeners for the Twitter space, here is the recording. This was not part of the proposal but we wanted to extend the opportunity to showcase Axelar.

Best Regards,
Blockchained India Team

GM Axelerators,

We are excited to announce our fireside chat with Sergey Gorbunov tomorrow, May 7th, at 8:00 pm IST. We would like to extend our invitation to all of you to join us for this event.

Joining link:

Best Regards,
Blockchained India Team

Hey Axelar Fam,

We are excited to share the success of the Axelar India Launch Phase 2. In this initiative, we showcased Axelar Network to our community via physical meetups in Delhi and Mumbai. We also organised virtual sessions to show Axelar Networks vision among developers and builders in India.


  • Over 500 people showed interested and 220+ people participated in Delhi and Mumbai meetups
  • Virtual fireside chat with Sergey Gorbonov gained 3,400+ views
  • Have a dedicated WhatsApp group of 250+ people who are excited about Axelar Network and cross-chain communication.
  • Twitter space with the Head of community Kate reached over 15,000 folks with 1200 tuned in to listen the conversation

Learn more about the initiative and recommendations, in our detailed report: Report on Axelar India Launch Phase 2 by Blockchained India - Google Drive