Axelar Developer FAQs

:loud_sound: How can I get started developing cross-chain applications with Axelar?

Feel free to use this forum for technical questions about the Axelar network and technical discussion of projects related to Axelar and cross-chain communication. The forum is the best place for discussions on how developers can leverage the Axelar network for their applications. Feel free to ask us any questions.

A good starting point to learn more about the technical details of the Axelar network is the official documentation. Axelar’s developer docs can be found here: Developer Docs.

You can find a thread on how to get started building a cross-chain application here: Twitter.

:loud_sound: Does Axelar have an SDK and where can I find it?

Here is a link to the Axelar SDK.

:loud_sound: Does Axelar have a testnet faucet for developers?

Axelar maintains a faucet bot in its official Discord community that sends AXL and aUSDC to your axelar or EVM address. You can query the bot via
posting !faucet [chain] [address] in the #faucet channel.

You can move aUSDC to another chain via testnet Satellite: Satellite | Powered by Axelar Network

To add Axelar testnet to your Keplr wallet, select Autofill from Keplr here:

:loud_sound: Are there sample applications that showcase Axelar’s functionality?

Satellite ( is a demo app built by Axelar that can bridge assets between any two chains that are connected to Axelar network. Please see the Axelar Ecosystem page for a complete list of the dApps that are currently running or being developed on top of Axelar Network.

If you are building on Axelar, please fill out this form to be included on our ecosystem page: Project Ecosystem Sign Up flow

:loud_sound: Does Axelar provide funding for the development of dApps?

Feel free to apply for a grant! Ideally, your idea benefits the Axelar ecosystem and the many stakeholders therein. You should show the foundation the added value of your project to the ecosystem or Axelar’s various stakeholders. The more value your work offers, the more likely it is to get funding.

You can apply for a grant here: Funding Program.

:loud_sound: Does Axelar offer bug bounties?

Yes, you can learn more about bug bounties here: Immunefi.

:loud_sound: Does Axelar hire talented developers?

For a full list of career opportunities, please see: Careers