Axelar (AXL) Token FAQs

:loud_sound: Does Axelar have a token?

AXL is the native token of the Axelar network. The AXL token is used to secure the network via a delegated proof-of-stake model, and pay for transaction fees on the network. It is also used to reward ecosystem builders and community contributors.

:loud_sound: Where can I learn more about the AXL token?

You can learn more about Axelar’s AXL token in this blog post.

:loud_sound: What are the differences between the AXL and wAXL token?

AXL is the native utility token that powers the Axelar network. wAXL ticker is recommended to be used for the ERC-20 representation, the “w” indicates the token is a wrapped asset. CoinList will support both native and wrapped versions of the AXL token. However, other exchanges and platforms may only accept one token or the other. Be sure to always verify which token is being used. If in doubt, feel free to seek help from the community and/or initiate a test transaction with a very low amount of tokens.

Please also see: What Is wAXL? Identifying the Wrapped (ERC-20) Token:

:loud_sound: Where can I convert AXL to wAXL and vice versa?

This tutorial shows how to convert AXL to the EVM-Compatible wAXL Token.

CoinList also offers a conversion service for AXL <> wAXL and wAXL <> AXL free of charge.

:loud_sound: Where can I find information on the tokenomics?

Detailed information on the tokenomics can be found here: An overview of AXL token economics An Overview of AXL Token Economics | by Axelar Foundation | Medium

:loud_sound: Which wallets can I use for AXL tokens and how do I set up these wallets?

You can use different wallets for AXL tokens, these include Keplr, Cosmostation Wallet, and Ledger Wallet. For instructions on how to set up a wallet with the aforementioned provides, please see:

:loud_sound: Where can I stake my AXL tokens?

You can either stake your AXL tokens via Keplr wallet or with CoinList. For a staking tutorial explaining how to stake via Keplr wallet, please see: Staking Tutorial

:loud_sound: Can I stake my AXL tokens with CoinList?

Yes, staking on CoinList is available. Please log into your CoinList account and switch to your AXL balance overview for staking your tokens with CoinList. CoinList charges a 15% fee from users’ staking rewards.

:loud_sound: How can I LP with AXL?

If you wish to provide liquidity, please see: How to LP with AXL Token

:loud_sound: How can I bridge the AXL token to other chains?

Please see the following article: How to Bridge the ERC-20 AXL Token to Other Chains

:loud_sound: When was AXL launched? When was the TGE?

The token was launched on September 27th, 2022.

:loud_sound: What is the circulating supply of the AXL token?

Live data about the circulating supply can be found here: Circulating Supply

:loud_sound: Is there an airdrop? How can I claim it?

In December 2022, Axelar announced a series of airdrops. All confirmed information can be found here.

The website is the only authoritative source of information about Axelar airdrops. Please stay careful about scammers that are advertising fake airdrops.

:loud_sound: What is the token release schedule for team members and backers?

Backers and core team members’ release schedule begins three months after token launch. The token was launched on September 27th, 2022.
For a full breakdown of token economics please visit An Overview of AXL Token Economics.

:loud_sound: What are the rewards and transaction fees on the Axelar network?

For a full overview about the network’s rewards and transaction fees, please see: Rewards and Transaction Fees for the Axelar Network Rewards and Transaction Fees for the Axelar Network | by Axelar Foundation | Medium

:loud_sound: What are the contract addresses for EVM-connected chains?

In the following, you can find a full overview of wAXL contract addresses for EVM-connected chains:

 Ethereum 0x467719aD09025FcC6cF6F8311755809d45a5E5f3
 Avalanche 0x44c784266cf024a60e8acF2427b9857Ace194C5d
 BNB Chain 0x8b1f4432F943c465A973FeDC6d7aa50Fc96f1f65
 Fantom 0x8b1f4432F943c465A973FeDC6d7aa50Fc96f1f65
 Moonbeam 0x467719aD09025FcC6cF6F8311755809d45a5E5f3
 Polygon 0x6e4E624106Cb12E168E6533F8ec7c82263358940
 Arbitrum 0x23ee2343B892b1BB63503a4FAbc840E0e2C6810f
 Celo 0x23ee2343B892b1BB63503a4FAbc840E0e2C6810f
 Kava 0x23ee2343B892b1BB63503a4FAbc840E0e2C6810f

For the most up-to-date list of available assets and their contract addresses, please visit Assets Resources. Mainnet | Axelar Network