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FAQs around running a validator on Axelar / operating a node.

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Learn how to run a validator in the Axelar network and discuss your experiences in operating a node with figureheads of the ecosystem. This category is for discussions between node operators & validators on the Axelar Network.

Validator Resources

:page_facing_up: Run a node on Axelar Network β†’ https://docs.axelar.dev/node/
:page_facing_up: Join as a Validator β†’ Axelar Documentation
:page_facing_up: Support External Chains β†’ Axelar Documentation
:1234: Validator stats β†’ Validators | Axelarscan

Becoming a Validator / Node Operator

Validators and node operators play an essential role in the Axelar network infrastructure. Not only can you contribute to the decentralization and security of the network but you can also participate in consensus by producing blocks and validating transactions. Beyond this, Axelar validators also earn additional rewards by participating in multi-party cryptography and voting on external chain events.

Presently, Axelar’s mainnet Validators are selected from the testnet. The selection process follows these guidelines:

:point_right: Validators must first establish a track record of good performance on testnet before Foundation will consider them for mainnet at this stage of the rollout.

:point_right: The Axelar team will delegate testnet stake to validators who support all EVM chains, post consistent heartbeat, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a validator, you are encouraged to set up your node on testnet. Please keep in mind that the validator sets on both chains are full at the moment, but feel free to try to apply through this link:

Additional Resources

:mag_right: Block Explorers
:mag_right: Testnet Faucet
:mag_right: RPC/LCD/gRPC Endpoints
:mag_right: Rewards and Transaction Fees for the Axelar Network
:mag_right: Axelar Foundation Genesis Delegation Program

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