About the Governance and Grants category

The Governance category encompasses topics and ideas that aim to make changes to the Axelar protocol. It is a forum for these proposed changes to be reviewed and discussed by the Axelar community.

Welcome to the Governance category!

Participate in the governance process of the Axelar ecosystem and help to actively shape the network. This section is for reviewing, discussing, and signaling proposed changes to the Axelar protocol.

Axelar uses on-chain governance module for passing software upgrades, text, parameter-change, and community-pool proposals. The following provides a short overview of the different phases in Axelar’s governance process:

  • Proposal Creation: A governance proposal is posted in the forum by a team member of Axelar or a community member.
  • Forum Discussion: Once posted in the forum, the community can provide feedback on the proposal and ask questions about it.
  • On-Chain Voting: The proposal is then put on-chain for voting.
  • Proposal Implementation: If approved, the proposal will be implemented.

Governance resources

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